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  • Beat Anxiety Naturally

    Beat Anxiety Naturally
  • Sugar, Your Body and You

    Sugar, Your Body and You
  • Joys of Juicing

    Joys of Juicing
  • What’s Bugging Me

    Part Deux

    What’s Bugging Me
  • Headaches Over 50

    Headaches Over 50
“Like” is a Four Letter Word

“Like” is a Four Letter Word

BY DON PORTOLESE If you asked a pirate what the worst four letter word in the English language was, he would probably rattle off a long list of invectives that would peel the barnacles off the hull of his salty ship. What pirates of old and people t...

The Gratitude Journal, gratitude in middle age, thankfulness

Keep a Gratitude Journal

BY DEVON ELLINGTON With all the chaos in politics, the financial sector, and the environment, it makes sense that we spend too much of our own time feeling like we’re barely staying afloat. Unfortunately, these events ripple back into our personal ...