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  • The Disease to Please

    Do You Say Yes, When You Want To Say No?

    The Disease to Please
  • Oh My Aching Back!

    Is Back Surgery in Your Future?

    Oh My Aching Back!
  • Hidden Epidemic

    Drug Abuse in Baby Boomers

    Hidden Epidemic
  • SJP Gets a ‘Divorce’

    SJP Gets a ‘Divorce’
  • Flu Shots

    What You Need to Know Now

    Flu Shots
The Game is Rigged

The Game is Rigged

BY DON PORTOLESE I have to say Donald Trump is right. Yes, for the first time during this election, I whole-heartedly agree with the republican candidate. Our election system is rigged. Every election cycle, dozens of bought and paid-for politicians...

People of Fashion – Fern Mallis

People of Fashion – Fern Mallis

BY CHRISTIAN FREEDOM During the recent fashion week, which was rather chaotic with events all over the city, I got to thinking about the work of Fern Mallis who, during her tenure with CFDA/7th on 6th galvanized the NY fashion scene.