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  • Dating Over 50

    Deciding About Trying Online Dating

    Deciding About Trying Online Dating, dating over 50, dating in middle age
  • Eating Disorders Strike Older Women Too

    Eating Disorders Strike Older Women Too
  • Paris

    For Beginners

  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  • Mid-Life Career Switch

    Mid-Life Career Switch
Loving Yourself This Valentine’s Day, Valentine's Day in middle age, Valentine's Day after 50

Loving Yourself This Valentine’s Day

It is possible, by choice or circumstance, you, like me, may find yourself alone with no lover this Valentine’s Day. I don’t plan to let that stop me from experiencing a day of love. In my case, it is the most important love of all … self-love. Here’...

A Few Roses Short of a Bouquet

A Few Roses Short of a Bouquet

BY ELLEN FELDMAN As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a statistical anomaly. I was a first time bride at the age of 60. My dear friend, who runs this website, has been after me to write about what it is like to come to a marriage so late in life.