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5 Apps that Enhance Your Weight Loss Strategy

5 Apps that Enhance Your Weight Loss Strategy
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By Jordana Landres

As the holidays approach, rushing around preparing for guests, cooking, buying gifts, attending parties can feel like a workout in and of itself. Even if you’ve adhered admirably to your healthy eating plan while allowing for measured portions of your favorite treats, a baseball-size mound of stuffing or big wedge of pecan pie can beckon seductively.  It can prove tough for even the most disciplined soul to resist.From Halloween through New Year’s, a voracious desire to eat to hardcore excess back-to-back day in and out seems like the headlong stampeding rush of shoppers rushing through the just-opened store doors of a sale on Black Friday.  So you’ve been there too?When the tide of your resolve washes out, let these 5 apps help you:

Weight Watchers Mobile keeps track of your activity and how many calories you burn
Kitchen Companion, a meal fat-trimming customizing tool, provides a large recipe database plus helps you create lighter versions of your favorite indulgences. A barcode scanner conveniently presents a consolidated summary of a given food item’s points and nutritional value. The Points Plus calculator helpfully computes your intake.

The MyFitnessPal app, top-ranked by Consumer Reports, connects users to the site’s thriving community where you can answer others’ questions and receive help with your own on diet and fitness-related topics. The app adjusts your daily caloric allowance by factoring in calories burned during daily activity.

Check out Strava if competition is what stokes your motivational fire. Geared towards runners and cyclists, you can track your progress and compare your best times with fellow athletes. This is one case where keeping up with the Joneses is actually a productive pursuit, especially if one of the Joneses just beat your top speed by 2.5.

The Farmers Market Finder App locates markets in your area and anywhere you may be headed away from home in seconds. Many weight-loss apps focus heavily on calories, yet most people striving to improve their health and reduce their weight would agree that the quality of food is equally important as quantity.

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