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5 Exercises to Get in Shape for Spring

5 Exercises to Get in Shape for Spring
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By Eraldo Maglara NSCA-CPT

During the long cold winter we see people decrease their exercise activity level and that could increase their body weight anywhere from 5 lbs to 10 lbs. So what can we do to help minimize the added weight and keep our exercise level in check? The following 5 exercises will definitely help you get and shape – plus they are simple and can be done almost anywhere.

1. Squat:    By far this exercise is the best lower body movement you can do help you stay strong and fit. Targeting your large muscles like the gluteus, quads and hamstrings will ensure your fitness level to stay in check for a long time.

2. Push Ups:  Oldie but goodie. The benefits that come with this exercise are countless. Not to mention the amount of calories you will burn (on average about a calorie per repetition).  A win/win situation for everyone.

3. Planks:  If a strong core is your target this exercise will definitely do the trick. Considered by many to be the best movement you can do to build a strong mid-section. I couldn’t agree any more.

4. Curls w/ shoulder presses:  Combination exercises are an excellent way to target multiple muscles with one movement. This exercise will build strong arms and strengthen your shoulder for a result worth your investment.

5. Running in place:   Many people tend to forget that your heart  is a muscle. As such, we need to strengthen it so that it becomes more efficient with less effort. The more conditioned your heart the longer it will last.

Spring is around the corner and it’s time to get in shape.


Eraldo Maglara NSCA-CPT





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