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5 Fall Fashion Trends

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The approach of Fall is bittersweet, but best embraced. Fresh attitudes abound, and so do chic layered styles. After all, the limitation of summer style is that there are only so many clothes you can wear at any one time in the heat. Fall marks a return to multi-dimensional textures, rich colors and striking silhouettes.

1. Eccentric details

The unfortunate truth about many fashions specifically geared toward women over fifty is that they lack pizazz. Perhaps you don’t want to look like the stereotype of a crazy cat lady, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with quirky additions to your everyday wardrobe.

Eccentric_Sophia Webster

Dare to wear a bright, printed strappy shoe, a day-dress with a whimsical print, or carry a cheeky handbag at cocktail hour. Just make sure that your outfit isn’t funnier than you are!

2. Textured Layers

With Fall comes layers and many more opportunities to make several chic outfits out of just a few different pieces. As it gets chillier, it’s becomes tempting to throw a shapeless coat over your carefully planned outfit, but one of this season’s most popular trends is here to save you from stylistic mediocrity.

fall fashion 3

Faux fur and its more inventive iterations are very much in, as adding textured accents is a very chic way to complete an outfit and represents the celebration of Victorian-era style this season. Accordingly, velvet and ruffles add dimension to an otherwise plain ensemble. Both of those trends make the largest in the smallest doses and in the least obvious locations. The idea here is to look less like a 19th Century count and more like a woman who knows her fabrics.

3. The Never-ending Seventies

Who can say why seventies’ style has had such a lengthy reign in the volatile fashion world? It was an outlandish decade for fashion, but the fabrics and silhouettes did represent a level of sleek comfort and consistent functionality that still resonates with women today.

fall fashion 4

A handy guideline for mature women testing out this trend is to choose a 70’s silhouette for one half of your body, and stay contemporary on the other. A deep v blouse with fitted trousers or a classic scoop neck blouse with wide-leg trousers is undeniably chic. Both at the same time? A little much. Stay away from 70’s prints to avoid a dated look; instead, choose rich solid colors and cap the look with a blazer.

4. Power Prints

Fall prints are going bold–and dark–this year. This is a perfect trend for mature women, because it elevates florals and polka dots to a far more striking place and diminishes the girlishness.

fall fashion 2

Rather than standard florals or uniform patterns, play with abstract florals and rich geometric patterns. If you consider yourself a more adventurous dresser, fabrics like neoprene (which is used to make scuba suits) enable complex, computer-generated patterns that would be nearly impossible to replicate by hand. As a bonus, neoprene keeps you warm in cooler weather–just don’t wear it if you’re having particularly bad hot flashes.

5. Symmetry is overrated

In contrast to the celebration of eccentricity this season, minimalism still has a very special place in the heart of the fashion world. It’s also a beautiful trend to enjoy over fifty, because a great minimalistic design accentuates your beauty without stealing the spotlight. Just ask Calvin Klein, who has been capitalizing on the sensuality of simplicity for years.

fall fashion

Think of this trend the way a ballerina thinks of her movements; it’s all about the lines. Asymmetrical hemlines embody this principal beautifully, giving formal and cocktail dresses the appeal of long gowns while visually elongating the line of your legs. If you’re a no-fuss woman with a major event ahead of you, keep the garments simple and just play with the lines for that wow factor.






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