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5 Makeup Missteps

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By Dustin Lujan

In this day and age, we are given a lot of advice on what to do for mature beauty, from face to lips to eyes. Unfortunately, due to old habits, there are a lot of missteps that we have not removed from our makeup routine. In this article I am going to list five things anyone over fifty simply must never do with make up. These are all bad habits that I see done time and time again.

#1 Walking Lips:

By this I mean, when you enter a room, do your lips walk in before you? A lot of women have an unshakeable love affair with lip color. Some claim it can change their mood and alter their look completely. While this is a true statement, a solitary lip color on its own will not transform your entire look. I see a lot of women out and about with nothing on the face but a bright red, fuchsia, coral or orange lip color. When choosing your lip color, treat it just like you would treat your wardrobe. These bright colors should be reserved for when you have the time to wear a full face of makeup. You wouldn’t put on your best pair of Louboutins with your pajamas, would you? I didn’t think so. Why wear your dressiest lip color without a stitch of other makeup on?

#2 Eyes Beware:

Another habit I see a lot, especially with mature women, is not using under eye concealer! I know it is a tough habit to get into because we feel that it can cake or show the lines under the eyes. The good news is that most people are not inspecting you an inch away from your face and, even from less than a foot away, people can’t see a miniscule crease under your eye. What they can see across a room is dark circles and discoloration, so please consider that. Remember also that foundation, powder and eye base do not count as under eye concealer. These items are way too heavy to use under the eye and can have dire consequences, such as premature aging. This is the thinnest layer of skin on the entire body and shows the sighs of age the fastest.

#3 Foundation Fire:

One of the hardest things to do is to find your correct foundation color. When choosing your shade, generously apply three foundation shades closest to your skin tone on your jaw line. Please do not try to match the color to your chin, cheek or forehead. When the three shades settle, if the shade is too dark for your skin tone it will start to turn orange; if it’s too light it will come up yellow. When you have found the perfect shade it will meld right in to your skin! Now something we must never do! Please do not try to warm your skin by using a deeper foundation color. I know we don’t want to look pale and one might think the key to a quick complexion warm up is to darken your foundation, but this is not the answer. If you would like to warm up your skin tone you should use your bronzer. It will warm the face up in a flash by applying it on the temples, forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and under the chin. (Never on the cheeks, bronzer is not blush)

#4 Powder Puss:

Now that we have our foundation color under control, lets get started on foundation formula. A mature woman should never use a powder foundation even if you still suffer from oily skin. These foundations are known to cake up, show signs of aging and are just unflattering on most. People are drawn to these because they are simple and can be done in a rush but we need to ask ourselves, is five extra minutes worth ten extra years on our face? I always prefer fresh glowing skin; however, I am not telling everyone to throw out their compacts. Rather, trade it in for a sheer finishing powder to use just on your nose and forehead.

#5 Underlining Issue:

A trend I have never really understood and still see quite a lot is lining just under the eye. I have asked women time and time again “Why do you do that?” I am always given the same answer – it brightens their eyes or frames their face. How does this do either? When you line just under the eye it tends to drag the entire eye down and look harsh. Whether it’s a playful blue or a harsh black, it’s never a good idea. I’m not saying not to use any makeup under the eye, just try using a shadow for a softer look or a pencil in the inner rim of the eye for framing. When doing this, always line the upper lash line to balance and to give your eyes the sharpness and lift they deserve.

Bad habits die hard and it might take some time to omit some of these from your daily routine, but the effects will be noticeable. How many of you have done some of these in the past or are currently doing them? How many loved ones or friends are still trying these facial faux pas? I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on this matter or even some fun stories. Please comment below with any questions or experiences of your own. Thank you and until next time!

XOXO, Dustin Lujan




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