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5 Shopping Destinations for Plus-sized Menswear

5 Shopping Destinations for Plus-sized Menswear
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Menswear is having an exciting moment in the fashion industry, but the journey is hardly complete. Whereas full-figured pride is gaining serious traction in women’s fashion, false assumptions that men aren’t avid fashion consumers (and that they are less body-conscious) have led to a dearth of quality menswear for plus-sized customers who aren’t necessarily 6’9. Though the sources of excellent menswear are few, here are five online options to get you started.

  1. KingSize Direct

KingSize Direct is a one-stop shop for casual menswear, suits, shoes, coats, underwear and more. Made just for men 225 pounds and up, KingSize started as a footwear brand half a century ago and has expanded its horizons ever since. Between 24/7 customer service, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and tailoring specifically for plus-sized men, there are few shopping destinations better poised to fill this gap in the market.

  1. Destination XL

Destination XL is definitely an old standard. Typically associated with mass-produced big and tall menswear, it has blossomed into an expansive retailer with options to suit almost any budget, size, and lifestyle. If you’d rather steer clear of cheap polo shirts designed for cookouts and hot dog commercials, go to the website’s Designer Shop. There you will find styles from luxury designers such as Lacoste, Brook’s Brothers, and Ralph Lauren.

  1. Nordstrom

When building or supplementing a classic wardrobe, it’s important to have traditional pieces with great construction. As one of the largest department stores and major retailers, Nordstrom carries most major brand names, but it also has its own respectable line of basics. Try their range of sweaters, polos, sportcoats and trousers, many of which come in extended sizes.

  1. Chubstr

The historical lack of stylish options for plus-sized men is more than an inconvenience; it sends a message that men larger than David Beckham don’t deserve to feel handsome. This is of course untrue, and Chubstr is one of the revolutionary websites that seeks to change the conversation. In addition to its shopping section with great styles, Chubstr offers lifestyle tips, engaging features, and entertainment for men with a little more meat on their bones.

  1. Badrhino

UK retailer Badhrino is the brother company of Yours, a destination for chic, in-season women’s clothing. It’s a beautiful site, featuring male models who are actually plus-sized, as well as clothes that breathe life and a sense of fun into the big & tall category. The clothes skew towards a younger demographic, but being an over-50 man doesn’t mean you can’t wear clothes that have a little bit of personality. The available sizes range from M to 8XL.






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