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6 Fabulous Coats To Help You Spring Forward

6 Fabulous Coats To Help You Spring Forward
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Now that Daylight Savings has finally made its return, it’s time to dress for the most fashion-friendly season of the year. Unlike winter coats, which first and foremost must protect you from frostbite, spring coats leave considerable room for a form over function approach to style. Here’s how to approach six outerwear trends this spring.

1. Draped jackets

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Draped jackets work year-round; this spring, choose one with soft draping and a light fabric for the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Light suedes and cotton blends are ideal fabrics for this type of outerwear. For the perfect semi-professional look, try a draped jacket with slim, printed cropped pants, a crisp white button-down and pointed-toe flats.

2. Short jackets

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Although we tend to think of outerwear as being a bit longer, a structured short jacket is perfect for spring. It enables you to wear more voluminous styles on your bottom half without losing your waistline. To achieve a truly chic weekend outfit, wear a cream or pastel short jacket with wide-leg trouser jeans or a flowy, printed skirt and short boots.

3. Bold trenches

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It’s time to break out those bright, springtime hues. A colorful coat is ideal for this breezy season, because you really don’t have to change much else in your wardrobe to create a brand new look. Applying color to a classic trench will give the coat a cheerful, timeless look, and in a fabric that adapts seamlessly as the seasons continue to change. Pair a bold-colored trench with a neutral wrap-dress or camel trousers with a patterned blouse.  

4. Open-front cardigans

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Ballerina-esque silhouettes are popular this season, particularly in the cardigan market. When choosing an open-front cardigan, steer clear of ones that are too long. Wherever the bottom of the cardigan falls is where the eye will go. To elongate your frame, choose a light open-front cardigan with minimal draping that falls no more than a couple of inches below your waistline. Open-front cardigans work wonderfully with knit boat-neck or v-neck tank tops and A-line skirts. 

5. Modern ponchos

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Capes and ponchos are still around from last season, but it’s important to lighten them up when wearing them in the spring. Wool and shearling won’t do when it’s warm out; select weightless, breathable fabrics and opt for asymmetrical necklines to elongate your frame and avoid any bulkiness. When creating an outfit around a cape or poncho, slim silhouettes cannot be stressed enough. Fitted skirts, slim-leg pants or even a supportive pair of leggings with a fitted top or tunic will work best with this type of outerwear. 

6. Collarless blazers

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Blazers are always the go-to last-minute piece to add structure and professionalism to an outfit. To make this item springtime-appropriate, look for collarless blazers. The lack of collar adds a feminine vibe, and in spring hues these pieces can seriously transform a simple pair of jeans and a top. Since outdoor soiree season is right around the corner, a lightweight crepe or linen blazer can also enhance a knee-length sundress, wrap dress or cocktail jumpsuit with heels.



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