About Us

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FiftyIsTheNewFifty.com is a wry and wise website devoted to people who are middle-aged and those who will get there some day. Fifty is the New Fifty includes fifty-friendly articles on lifestyle, fashion / beauty, health/fitness and middle-aged musings. As the site tagline says: Middle Age is the Cocktail Hour of Life! Fifty is not the new 20, 30 or 40. It’s just 50.

FiftyIsNewFifty.com targets urban / suburban / ex-urban men and women in middle age, a time of life that roughly spans the late ’40s to early ’60s. The New Fifty audience is curious, vibrant, current, connected, engaged by life, interested in staying fit and looking stylish, and sees the world in a more sage and humorous way. They could be married or single, straight or gay, with kids or not. Other audiences could also include younger people interested in leading a vibrant and healthful middle age, as well as older audiences seeking the Fifty lifestyle.