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Aging Gracefully: 4 Skin and Haircare Tips from Around the World

Aging Gracefully: 4 Skin and Haircare Tips from Around the World
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By Naakai Addy

Beauty brands have made a fortune off of expensive anti-aging products. They all come in alluring packaging and promise that by using their products you will magically age backwards. Realistically, no product can do any such thing and many do women a disservice by suggesting backwards aging as a worthwhile goal. If you’re jaded by the barrage of products laden with unhealthy chemicals, it may be time to take a more global approach to your beauty regime. Every culture around the world has tried-and-true secrets of its own for aging gracefully. Here’s a look at how mature women in different global regions embrace their age beautifully.

1. Ghana

Shea butter originated in West African shea trees; it is a fatty substance extracted from the tree nuts. Today, it is used as an ingredient in many hair and beauty products throughout the world. It is renowned for its moisturizing, softening and nourishing qualities. These qualities aid graceful aging in that they encourage supple skin and can even diminish wrinkles.

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Ghanaian women regularly use unrefined shea butter as a go-to resource to soften and moisturize skin, to take care of the scalp and to heal minor burns or cuts. Although the unrefined version is tougher to find in the States, its purity has infinite benefits. carries unrefined shea butter imported from Ghana, as do some specialty shops. If you just want a taste of the healing and beautifying properties of this product, head to The Body Shop for their line of natural shea butter soaps, lotions and hair products. Beware that although many brands advertise shea on their packaging, shea benefits you the most when it is as close as possible to its unrefined state.

2. Scandinavia

As you’ve likely noticed in the skincare aisle, Scandinavian brands are well-represented in the beauty world. It may be the connection to nature, or the frigid and relatively unpolluted environment. Either way, there are several effective Scandinavian products that facilitate skin maintenance at any age.


Brands such as skyn ICELAND use all-natural, organic Nordic ingredients to create products that nourish your skin. From everyday moisturizers to Firming Eye Gels, skyn is one of the most buzzed-about Scandinavian beauty brands. Other Scandinavian brands, including Lumene, take an even more scientific approach to beauty but still have nature as the source and inspiration. The natural focus is important as you age, because just as you may pay more careful attention to the types of food you put in your body, you should also pay more attention to what you put on it.

Many Scandinavian brands are expensive, but Lumene and many others have become available in retailers like Target. This is great news for mature women who want the amazing benefits of Nordic ingredients don’t have easy access to glacial waters.

3. India

Henna plants grow in warmer climates; they have been used for millenia for cooling, decoration and beauty purposes. India’s use of henna is well-known around the world, but this plant-based product has grown far beyond its global use for decoration and it is becoming a popular treatment for hair and skin.


If you regularly dye your hair or mask greys with harsh chemicals, try using henna as a natural alternative. Morocco Method, Okay Pure Naturals and Henna Color Lab offer natural hair dyes and products for safe hair styling.

Henna is also a great alternative to nail polish. Most mass-produced nail polishes that are not only unhealthy to breathe in, but can weaken your nails over time and ship soon after application. You won’t have a huge variety of colors from which to select, but henna lasts for several weeks and is far better for your nails.

4. Mexico

Avocados are one of the most beloved food exports from Mexico and South America. Although they do require a specific climate to flourish, these delicious fruits have made their way to restaurants, sandwich shops and grocery stores around their world. Now, women all over are beginning to enjoy their beauty benefits as well. Forget putting cucumbers on your eyes; if you want to rejuvenate your skin and diminish further wrinkles, use an avocado mask.


Although many stores now carry beauty products made with avocados, you may as well reap the benefits of home-made solutions. While you’re making your next batch of guacamole for a summer soiree, set aside a little bit for a quick and easy face mask. A lot of people use honey and water in their masks. The best part is that if you don’t end up using all of the mask, you can certainly eat it!




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