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Are You the Other Man?

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Relationships are hard enough without getting tricked into being the “other man”.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong in that situation whether you know your position or not. If you suspect you are the other man, you might want to run through this checklist to learn how you can find out for sure.

She avoids giving you too much contact information. In today’s world, you don’t just have a phone number. Most people have some type of messenger service, email, cell phone, home phone, fax number, and even their own website. Even though some jobs offer their own email service, most people have a personal email provider that they can use without worrying about the employer seeing what they write. If you can’t at least get an email address or phone number, not only are you probably the other guy, but you are also most likely to spend a lot of time waiting on the person you are with to make some time for you.

She has to be home at a certain time. Most couples work around each other’s schedules. Women often make sure they are home in time for dinner. By maintaining the same schedule women can make sure that their men don’t ask questions about their whereabouts.

You can’t meet friends of family members. If you aren’t invited home for the holidays, you might want to question why that is. A woman who is married, or with someone else is not going to be anxious for you to come home to meet the family.

Communication is on her terms only. Cell phones and texting make it really easy for people to cheat on each other. Even so, you are likely to notice times when responses to your communication are slow. She may not even text you back or answer your calls at all.

She is overly jealous. It is common knowledge that the one who is always accusing you of cheating is the one who is more likely to be the cheater in the relationship. Whether it is to keep the attention off of their activities or just an overwhelming sense of guilt, the cheating woman is commonly trying to accuse you of cheating.

Kathy Foust is a freelance writer who likes to expose the things that people would sometimes rather be ignorant of.


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