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Baby Feet At Our Age

Baby Feet At Our Age
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With some strangely warm days upon us (there is a brief upside to Global Warming, it seems), I have been tempted to put away the socks and sneakers and break out my flip flops. Until, that is, until I got a gander at my poor winter feet. Despite studious application of foot creams (I highly recommend O’Keefe’s for Healthy Feet my heels and toes are callused, dry, white and, on the edges, hard as rocks. My doctor claims that post-menopausal women suffer this problem particularly (yet another hormonal thing).

So, besides transporting myself to the nearest salon for a pedicure, what can I do?

I can and did use Baby Foot.

Baby Foot is like a chemical peel for your feet, without the chemicals. It removes the dead skin cells that build up and cause such troubles as cracked and painful feet and feeling like your shoes have become a prison cell.

We cause these dead cells to build up by exercising, standing up too long, sweaty socks, uncomfortable high heels or just by living in the dry, hot air of homes and offices in the winter.

When we run to get a pedicure where the nail tech files (or still legal in some states) uses a razor to get rid of the dead skin, he or she is actually causing more dead skin. The very friction from the file helps create even more of the callus dry stuff.

Baby Foot requires no filing or even a trip to a salon. It is a DIY, in-home total food care product. The formal contains 17 natural extracts that exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. The main one is a fruit acid (like you may use on your face in other products) that is gentle but tough. The fruit acid penetrates the layers of dead skin, breaking down what are called desmosomes, the fibers holding the layers of dry skins together, so no live skin is injured and dead skin literally pulls away. What is revealed underneath the dead skin is skin as soft as …well, as soft as a baby’s foot. One of the extracts acts as an astringent to help tighten up your sole after peeling so you still have the grain of your skin. It is just moister.

Baby Foot is a breeze to use. Open the box, cut the top of the plastic booties containing the fruit acid gel, slip your feet inside and secure with tape. Then put your feet up and wait an hour. (Or, for you energetic types, you can slip on a pair of sneakers and go for a walk). You can even add some extra punch to the effectiveness of the product, by soaking your feet beforehand for about 20 minutes and putting a pair of cotton socks over the plastic booties on your feet while you wait.

Then rinse the gel off under warm water and wait a week (or even sooner) for the dead skin to begin to naturally peel off. No need to pull it. The sloughing action can even take up to two weeks, but, in my case, in just six days, I had the softest feet of my life and this from someone who confesses to barefoot whenever possible. Baby Foot worked even better than my other go-to product for rough feet, Lush’s Volcano Mask ($23.95) which is more of a mess to use and only slightly less expensive. Baby Foot costs $25 for one application (suitable for women with shoe sizes 4-12 and men’s sizes 4-13)

If you find that your feet need extra treatment, wait two weeks and apply Baby Foot again. The peeling can be speeded up by soaking your feet every night. Any excessive dryness cleared by light application of an oil-free moisturizer.

Testimonials on the Baby Foot website even say the product gets rid of corns which can be truly painful, especially if your job requires you to stand on your feet all day (I’m looking at you nurses, docents, trade show marketers and many of us grandmothers). You should test a spot for sensitivity or allergic reaction before treating corns or a condition like psoriasis and don’t use a file while the peeling is going on. You may rub your hands over the skin on your feet to help move the dead skin instead.

You may experience extra circulation and even balance, so claims the manufacturer, as well as a decrease in athlete’s foot and a lessening of odor. I experienced a feeling of freshness and a lifting of fatigue (my feet always feel hot and tired when they are covered in calluses. It’s like stepping out of a heavy boot when the calluses are gone).

If you have a tattoo on your foot, it may fade, though the peeling usually doesn’t affect the top of the feet much and it won’t remove your toenail polish, though it may make it a bit dull.

You can buy Baby Foot online here or via their Facebook page here




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