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Behavior Women Still Love About Men

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Most people are on a lifelong search for their real identity. Events in life cause us to change our opinions and actions in ways we may not have expected. Society itself has shifted the definition of what I considered normal for men and women. And yet, women tend to cling to some of the qualities in men that may be considered old-fashioned by today’s society.

Respect is not just for show. Women who respect themselves expect it in return from the men they are around. There are several things that men can do to show that they are aware of the fact that women are still the “gentler” sex. Open doors, watch your language, and demand that the people around you respect women as well. It does you no good to do things like open doors for a woman, if you are going to subject her to the disrespect of others.

Strength is not found in steroids. Sure, many women like men who work out and take care of themselves, but they also like men who have an underlying strength that has nothing to do with looks. Generally, women don’t appreciate men who spend more time on their beauty regime than she does. They prefer to see men as pillars of strength and stability, with a dash of danger … not to her, of course, but to those that would harm her or anyone in need of assistance.

Humor makes the pain a bit duller. Women may not be looking for the class clown, but they do want someone who can make them laugh when they least expect it. Life doesn’t always have to be serious, but women can sometimes get lost between their families and/or careers and may need a reminder that there is plenty to smile about.

Flaws and scars are humanizing. No one is really looking for perfection. Most people are looking for someone is perfect for them, not perfect in general (as if there is such a person). A man who is not afraid to admit to his imperfections is more likely to be accepting of a woman’s as well. And while a woman really doesn’t need an overgrown child to have her tending to his every need, women do like to feel needed and have their skills appreciated, so you might find her shaking her head with a smile on her face more than you will find her complaining about meeting your needs.

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