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Born to be Wild

Born to be Wild
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a large American wild cat with a plain tawny to grayish coat, found from Canada to Patagonia.



an older woman seeking a sexual relationship with a younger man.

Cougar. I remember the first time I heard that word. Were they referring to a National Geographic episode I missed? Oh no, were cougars becoming extinct and was I the last to know?

I found out soon enough that there was a 2nd definition of the word cougar and I definitely fit the bill.

At a very young age, I remember favoring younger men over men my own age. I fell in love with an 18 y.o. when I was 25. In my defense, he told me he was 23 when we first met. We had a whirlwind two-week romance filled with romantic dinners, movies and red roses delivered to my workplace. And of course, great sex. Who could ask for more? It was short-lived, however, as he soon headed off to college that fall.

I never forgot that steamy summer romance in 1986.

Fast forward to 2010. On my way home from a fun night out, I met a 25 y.o. This time, he really was 25. The only problem was that I was now 45. A fun random nite of tequila and fooling around turned into 4+ years of a purely physical relationship, and I might add – the sex kept getting better and better. My friends couldn’t understand how I didn’t become ’emotionally’ involved with him, yet somehow it worked. We finally had to part ways (very respectfully), when I started to date someone ‘age appropriate’ who I’m thrilled to report that I am crazy ‘head over heels’ about.

Do you think you might be curious to explore a ‘cougar relationship’ with someone? If so, how does the cougar relationship work? Here is my *recipe for a successful one and you’ll need the following ingredients:

– Two strong libidos

– Scheduled playdates

– Realistic expectations

– The ability to tune out all those people who might judge you (or most likely, envy you)

*Please note: Whipped cream and other ‘accoutrements’ are optional

Combine all the above ingredients, and you’re all set to go. Turn up the heat (and turn down the lights) until you are both simmering. And don’t forget one final ingredient to this recipe: Always practice safe sex.

In hindsight, during those 4+ years, my skin never looked better, and I always had a skip to my step. I was able to improve my technique in the bedroom, have a great time, and really enjoy sex for sex’s sake. I couldn’t think of any downsides to this “May-December” arrangement.

Life is short. You never know when your time is up. So you might as well enjoy the ride (both literally and figuratively). Regrets, I’ve had a few, but being a cougar wasn’t one of them.

The writer of this article prefers to remain anonymous but assures us that being a cougar IS all it is cracked up to be






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