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Breakfast – Now More Than Ever

Breakfast – Now More Than Ever
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By Steve Nubie

Americans are notorious for skipping breakfast. Here’s how to make that first meal of the day the one you look forward to the most.

According to a recent study by the NPD Group, a market research firm, more than 31 million Americans skip breakfast everyday. That’s 1 in 10. The good news is that people over 50 tend to eat breakfast with greater regularity than young adults, but the statistics show that 11% of Americans over 50 take a pass on the morning meal.

That’s unfortunate given that breakfast does the most to rebuild cells, give us energy to get through the day, boosts metabolism and often allows us to consumer less at meals later in the day. There’s a reason the old adage of “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” holds true.

Better yet, many healthy breakfast options such as oatmeal, fruit and yogurt with granola, many cold cereals and whole wheat breads and muffins are all high in fiber. A proven cholesterol scrubber that not only gives you a good dose of complex carbs for long-lasting energy, but overall heart and circulatory health. What significant is that high fiber intake has shown an almost 50 percent reduction in heart disease over 10 years based on the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study.

Why do some of us skip breakfast?

The reasons some people skip breakfast are the usual excuses. People feel they are too busy, are running late, don’t want to start the day with a mess in the kitchen or simply aren’t hungry. In fact, skipping breakfast will often result in a consistent lack of hunger in the morning that is too often compensated by late night snacking. If you start to eat breakfast on a regular basis, you’ll not only eat less during the rest of the day but you won’t feel the urge for those late night snacks that put on the pounds.

The best breakfast

Yes, you can have eggs. Just don’t eat them for breakfast everyday and thinking about poaching them frying them in a small amount of Canola oil instead of butter. Ideally, you want to introduce some fiber into your breakfast diet either through hot or cold cereals and whole grain breads, bagels or muffins. Proteins are important too, although most breakfast proteins fall into the area of bacon, sausage or eggs. Skip the bacon and the sausage and try peanut butter on a toasted bagel or a slice of smoked salmon like Lox. Cheese is another option and don’t forget the fruit. Fruit is a natural at breakfast and when mixed with yogurt and topped with granola actually tastes like a decadent dessert. Don’t feel guilty though, the probiotics in yogurt plus the fiber and nutrients in fruit and granola can do you wonders.

In a hurry? Drink your breakfast

Juicing and smoothies are emerging more and more as the breakfast of choice for people on the go. Juicing can give you the benefits of multiple fruits with loads of vitamins that’s easy to take on the road. Smoothies are another option and allow you to combine things like yogurt, assorted fruits and a splash of milk. You can even add a spoonful of instant coffee to make it taste a little more like breakfast.

Another benefit of juicing and smoothies is that they digest extremely well providing you with maximum vitamins and nutrients. There are small, single portion smoothie makers that are easy to use and easy to clean. They don’t cost much and you can have all the benefits of breakfast even if it’s just a change of pace from cereals and toast. #breakfast


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