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Cheater Chaser: My Life as a Private Eye

Cheater Chaser: My Life as a Private Eye
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This article was provided to us by Go Jane News, a website for smart, fun, hip, and bold-thinking women.  Visit them at www.gojanenews.com.

By Janet Garraty

For a few hours a week our family car seconded as a surveillance vehicle. With tinted windows, car seat in the back, and an occasional walky-talky in the front seat, I tailed cheaters too eager to get to their date to bother looking in their rear view mirror.

I have lots of tales about tails even one about a raging spouse whose goose we cooked through the video camera lens. She chased me down a quiet country road and thought about ramming me if it weren’t for my Explorer’s big chrome bumper that helped her think the better of it. Yes, her. Not all cheaters are men.

Most people love the stories about my days as a private investigator and straddle the edge of their seats for a listen, imagining it must be a really cool job. But there’s nothing sexy about slouching in the back seat of a car playing witness to the disintegration of  a marriage and family.

The rush of a sudden chase got my blood pumping, but I found no pleasure in confirming the “client’s” suspicions. It’s sad to watch, to record, to report every alluring meeting, every fogged up window or parked car at cheater motels.

Hollywood’s got the surveillance techniques all wrong. What position to take,  how fast to jump on a tail while ignoring that sticking-out-like-a-sore-thumb feeling took almost a year to learn .

It’s easier to follow a cheating spouse than an insurance cheat because they’re thinking about what’s in front of them instead of what’s behind. Insurance and accident cheats look over their shoulders and make mental notes of unusual cars in their neighborhoods.

A woman P.I. has advantages. Most people don’t suspect a woman of being a detective and we don’t raise red flags sitting still in strange neighborhoods.

But pee jars don’t work for us and potty breaks are frowned upon during a surveillance.  So, Wawa was the first stop I made after an operation with hopes that a bathroom wasn’t too far away either.

It also took me a few years before I’d say to a familiar face, “I know you from somewhere.” You never know who you’re going to bump into in the supermarket checkout line.

My boss said cheaters had two things in common; too much time and too much money. So, if you’re suspicious, keep track of both.

I don’t have much advice for those who cheat, other than to say if your wife went through the trouble of hiring a private investigator, she’s already on to you.

And if you’re hiring one just so you can be sure, you will find no comfort in the results and probably no financial benefit either, depending upon the state where you live.

If you’re thinking of becoming a cheater chaser, skill and savvy are just part of the job. Having the stomach to watch someone get their heart broken is the downside that’s the hardest thing to shake.

Janet Garraty is the founder & CEO of Go Jane News, an online publication marketed for the interests of smart, fun, hip and bold-thinking women.  Publishing a weekly email guide to fun & interesting local events, T.G.I. Jane now reaches thousands of subscribers every Thursday in two separate editions throughout southern New Jersey.  Using her popular avatar, “Jane” as digital paper doll, Janet and her graphic artists keep T.G.I. Jane and her website fun by changing “Jane’s” clothes for the season; thereby continuing to capture the imagination of her readers. 

A New Jersey native, Janet has been a reporter as well as an insurance fraud investigator, giving her the unique ability to uncover facts and translate them into a darned good story.

This article was provided by GoJaneNews.com.  Subscribe at www.gojanenews.com/subscribe.

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