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Dating in the 21st century

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Dating in the 21st century seems to be the fast-forward version of dating, for any of you middle age folks out there who are back in the game. There are so many more options now that would have been considered unacceptable in the years past. People aren’t bound by gender norms, sexual affiliations or conservative methods. For someone who is having their first dating experience ever, these details are just a part of the way they grew up. However, those of us who are middle-aged and freshly single might want to take a little time to learn about some new options in the dating world.

The phasing out of gender roles has caused a variation in the rules of dating. When I was a young girl, my grandmother wouldn’t even let me call the neighbor boy to talk about homework. I was never supposed to be the one to call the boy. Now, we ladies are not only calling them, we’re also learning what their idea of a gender role is.

Furthermore, you can now break up with someone before you ever meet them. Online dating used to be something that was looked at with a wary eye. Then people started realizing through social networking that you could actually develop a relationship with a person without ever actually meeting them in real life. If you can meet them and want to be with them, you can actually break up with them as well.

Sex is a whole new ballgame. If you’re just getting back into the dating world, now is the time to use more precautions than ever. It seems like every couple of years a new sexually transmitted disease develops or gains awareness. The good thing is that sex is also talked about more openly now than it used to be. You might think that sexual expectations move too fast now, but there are those who are actually relieved to not have to follow this trend. Waiting is still a great way to build up to the moment.

Keep an open mind and know that the tried and true methods still work, even if you do have to remind others of that.

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