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Defeating Dry Winter Skin Naturally and Inexpensively

Defeating Dry Winter Skin Naturally and Inexpensively
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Though no shoveling or ice scraping has been needed where I live, some winter woes have already begun. I’ve had to rev up the electric blanket for my cold bones and dig out socks to encase my flip-flop loving feet, but the most annoying of all is that the dry skin troubles have started. My hair is feeling more like straw. Makeup is flaking off despite moisturizers and itchy skin finds me waking up with mysterious claw marks all over my body.

So what to do to get a jump on keeping your skin moist before the winds of winter dry it even more? Here’s some natural home remedies that don’t cost a fortune:

Keep up the liquids: Not only drink your 10 glasses of water per day (minimum) but try a teaspoon of almond oil in warm milk at bedtime. You’ll sleep better and be lubricating your insides while you dream.

Bee a honey: Sounds sticky I know, but before a bath, rub honey all over yourself and leave on for 10 minutes. Your skin will be fed and moist. In that tub, add some milk (or milk powder) and feel like Cleopatra. Also dab some organic honey on lips at night to counteract chapping. Honey helps cracked elbows and heels, too.

Use warm water, not hot: Hot water can over dry your skin. Go for the lower temps and let the water soak into you skin before adding any oil in the shower or water in the tub. Also try put baking soda, oatmeal and vanilla into some cheesecloth, close with a rubber band and let it float in the bathwater. You may smell like a cookie, but you’ll emerge with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Forget expensive oils and creams: Rub sesame oil or coconut oil on your body after a shower. Pat (don’t rub) yourself only slightly dry first. Let the oil seal in the moisture still on your body. Or use generic baby lotion (buy the big size from Costco or Sam’s Club) and truly slather on immediately after bathing.

Skip hair washing: Your hair really doesn’t need to be washed everyday and such washing can dry our hair and your scalp. Rinse your hair with cool water every other day and skip the shampoo. Once a week, help replace lost oil by using a natural hair conditioner like a paste of avocadoes or olive oil rubbed into the scalp. Cover with plastic wrap for 15 minutes, than wash out well.

Get softer mitts: Dry oatmeal or brown sugar mixed with a little oil in a bowl near your sink make great hand scrubs to exfoliate tiny flakes that cause itches. Plain old petroleum jelly works wonders for dry hands, lips and heels. Or keep a bottle of glycerin (cheap!) near the sink and use it after every wash.

Buy a humidifier: Check out a variety at Sleep under it at night to help beat dry eyes, hair static and (bonus!) even help prevent wrinkles.

Winter face mask: Mix a teaspoon of olive oil and OJ, a little lime juice, a couple of drops of rose water and an egg yolk. Keep on your face for 15 minutes.

Go ape: Mash a ripe banana and use as a face pack. Wash it off after about 20 minutes with warm water and use the inside of the peel to rub on your cracked heels.

Get rid of tiny flakes: Rub plain Greek yogurt in circles on skin before washing off. The lactic acid exfoliates without the microscopic damage that harsher scrubs can cause.

Eat your way out of dry skin: Add fish oil, cumin, coriander and turmeric to your daily diet. They help prevent (and correct) dry skin. Also (hooray!) daily eating of small bits of dark chocolate help keep your skin moist.

Follow these tips and let winter do its worst. You’ll make it through the season with soft and silky skin.


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