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Define Yourself by Dustin Lujan

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I have noticed for women over fifty one of the best and sure fire ways to look great and get noticed is to define yourself! No, not with a dictionary, just by using your cosmetics and your face. I will go over some surefire ways to add definition to the face so we can sharpen your features and forget about any flaws.

A lot of women are scared to define their features claiming it may look unnatural or heavy.  There is a huge difference between wearing too much makeup and using color to your advantage. Once you have your concealer and foundation or tinted moisturizer all set and ready to go, you have four major areas to hone in on.  First is the brows.  Women usually either really love or hate doing this particular feature.  Using a little brow pencil or powder in the right color can give the face a powerful lift and add a little sophistication to the whole face.  How does one choose the right brow color?  Contrary to popular belief, everyone should not go with a gray or fawn color.  Although it is passable, this is a lazy way out of choosing the correct color.  A simple rule of thumb is that a blond women or light haired women should go for a shade that matches the deepest tone of your hair or low light.  Brunette women should do just the opposite of our blond friends and try to match the warmest color of your hair. Don’t be scared to go with something that has a little red in it.  Red will soften your brows and add a warm youthful tone that compliments the skin as well.  Now women with silver or white hair are the ones who the overused grey and ashy fawn colors are for. No matter if you have salt and pepper or a full head of beautiful silver locks, you should use a pencil or powder in a mid toned grey or fawn.

After determining the right eyebrow color,  next is finding the right shade of eye liner.  This one is a lot simpler than you think, BLACK. Yes! Not dark brown, not taupe, not aubergine, etc.  Don’t worry, we are not going to put black eyeliner all over the eye like the girls hanging out at the local mall, I promise!.  When using your black liner, always place it only on the top lash line of the eye.  If you want to have liner on the bottom lash line, try dusting some of the eye shadow color that is on your eye lid to add a little definition.  The reason for the black is that from far away it actually pulls your eye up giving a mini eye lift, with no painful surgery.  It can also fill in a non-dense lash line and make it look full and rich.  The reason that light browns are not going to work they are as not sharp and look like the last copy of a paper on your copy machine. I don’t know about you, but I want to be that fresh non faded first copy!
Next would be to define your blush.  By choosing the proper color and placing it above the apple of the cheek, you can cheer up and lift the entire face! Please refer to my article “Find Your Best Blush” for more in depth details on blush tips.
Last is to find a little bit bolder lip color that can define and add volume to the lips!  Please, please, please don’t be scared of gloss! I hear all the time that its sticky or that is for young girls, but it actually adds volume to the lips, which women need more than teens and twenty year old’s.  There are also non-sticky glosses now, yay! So now you are all defined and ready to go! We have sharpened your best features and have out shined the flaws that we don’t want people to pay any attention to! Now that we have your make up defined, go out with confidence and define you!
 Xoxo, Dustin Lujan
Makeup Artist, Dustin Lujan brings more than a decade of knowledge and expertise to  His unique talents not only combine exquisite artistry, but also an exceptional ability to communicate the craft, quality and design in the art of makeup. Dustin illustrated his talent in the fine arts, when at the age of fifteen, he hosted his first private showing. Enthusiastic and brimming with creativity, he was soon recruited to work with the Miss America and Miss Teen America pageants, where he honed his craft and mastered the challenge of creating flawless beauty on the unforgiving hi-def television.  Now, as a National Artist at Le Métier de Beauté make-up line, Dustin travels the globe, communicating the essence of the brand through his skills and artistic presence.   His editorial work and knowledge have graced the pages of beauty and fashion’s top glossy publications, from InStyle to More magazine, from regional press to widely read blogs. Dustin’s work has also brought him from the runways to film with backstage work at Versace and other esteemed fashion houses, in addition to music videos, advertising campaigns and television.  Dustin’s prior work in the industry, led him to such well known brands as Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown and Stila where he adapted his skills to brands’ core values.  His passion for teaching women how to highlight their best features has earned him a national reputation as an artist who can make each individual woman look her very best.  In 2012, his first book on beauty will hit the shelves bringing his talent beyond the counter and into your home.
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