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Exceptional Outerwear: This season’s chicest coat and jacket trends

Exceptional Outerwear: This season’s chicest coat and jacket trends
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The upside to winter is that looking stylish is a lot easier. Much of this has to do with the effortlessness of coats, which can instantly take an outfit to the next level. They have a miraculous streamlining effect and cover most common insecurities. Even if your jeans and sweaters have seen far better days, a well-tailored coat can make all the difference in channeling elegance. With all of the options that this season’s outerwear trends have to offer, there’s no need to let winter put your wardrobe in a slump.

Luxurious Draping

Coat Wrap Coat_DVF-Nordstrom

DVF Wrap Coat

The key to timeless style this season is beautiful draping. Plush wrap coats and jackets with oversized drape-fronts have taken center stage on the outerwear landscape, and there’s nothing not to like about them. Make sure that the outfit you wear underneath is fitted enough so that the draping doesn’t swallow your figure. This draping trend is perfect for classic camel jackets and coats; the combination of the expensive-looking tone and the feminine shape will make you look feel like a movie star.

Extra-Long Vests & Jackets

Coat Oversize_Leith_Nordstrom

Leith Oversize coat

The floor-length trench is a tough look to pull off, and when done poorly, it reads “flasher” more than anything else. Nonetheless, the industry is determined to make it work this year. Long trenches, coats, and vests are increasingly prevalent in stores, and some of them do make for beautiful wardrobe pieces. The trick to making an extra-long coat look deliberate and flattering is to wear a heel or heeled boot, and to choose coats with light, modern detailing in a soft color. Vests afford a little bit more flexibility due to their openness, however make sure that the fabric of a long vest is relatively light so that it doesn’t look bulky.


Coat Cape_Fabiana Filippi_ Nordstrom

Fabiana Filippi Coat Cape

This season, outerwear designers have an undeniable flair for the dramatic. Capes are creeping in, not only on dresses and tops, but on jackets. Depending on how committed you are to this trend, the options range everywhere from tailored coats with a subtle caped element to high-fashion ponchos. There is something decidedly fun about an everyday cape, and a lot of designers are combining it with refined tailoring to create beautiful garments. Pair this trend with slim pants and neutral pumps or dress flats for maximum chicness.

Color & Texture

Coat Texture_Nordstrom_St.John's Collection

St. John’s Collection

If you find yourself missing the vibrancy of spring, this winter may be one of your favorites yet. This season, designers are going bold with vibrant colors and full textures on short vests and jackets. It’s all about making outfits dynamic, lively, and three-dimensional. Although most colors are fair game, merlot and teal are especially trendy, as are dark floral prints. Choose one bold item for your outfit, such as a faux fur or fringed vest, and treat it as a statement piece.

Moto Jackets

coat Moto_Nicole Miller_ Nordstrom

Nicole Miller Moto Jacket

Moto jackets are not just for young adults and bikers, so don’t be afraid of a little bit of leather this winter. Make this trend more elegant and mature by selecting jackets in rich colors like mahogany, plum and navy. Feminine detailing and embroidery also make moto jackets appropriate from day to night. Instead of a blazer for formal or professional settings, try a tailored moto for a youthful flair that is still very much appropriate.



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