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Facial Exercises to Maintain a Supple, Youthful Appearance

Facial Exercises to Maintain a Supple, Youthful Appearance
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While gravity is going to want to have its way with your skin no matter what, there are facial exercises you can perform to fight sagging skin. The face has muscles just like everywhere else on the body, so keeping such muscles firm and tight will subsequently give your face a suppler, youthful appearance. Many fans of facial exercises will tell you it’s better (and a lot less expensive and dangerous) than getting a face lift!

Facial Exercise #1: This exercise will help combat unsightly jowls, which only look cute on hound dogs. Perform this exercise by sitting upright and tilting your head so you are looking up at your ceiling. Keep your lips gently closed and move your jaw up and down as though you are chewing on a savory food dish. Repeat the movement 20 times, all while keeping your mouth closed. This exercise also keeps wrinkles at bay.

Facial Exercise #2: Prevent the eyelids from sagging by using your index finger to press the skin right below your eyebrow. Hold this area, push upward, and close your eye to firm the eyelid skin. Repeat this several times a day to keep this skin taught.

Facial Exercise #3: Avoid the dreaded double chin look by first lying on your back. Lift your head off of the floor and rest your chin on your chest. Move your head back down to your starting position, and repeat a few times. Do not perform this exercise so much that you feel neck pain, however.

Facial Exercise #4: Banish wrinkles by maneuvering your face so it looks like you are playing a trumpet. Attempt to hold this position for one full minute before slowly exhaling through your nose.

Other anti-aging tips that to use in combination with facial exercises include massaging the face daily, which helps rejuvenate the skin and keep skin cells alive and well. Moisturize regularly and use a nice scrub to exfoliate and reveal smooth, wrinkle-free skin. By keeping up the exercises and taking care of your skin, it’s pretty easy to knock a few years off your overall look!

Kent Page McGroarty is a freelance lifestyle writer whose work frequently appears in online magazines EDGE Publications, FOURCE Magazine, and the Home section of the San Francisco Gate. 

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