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Fall Accessories with Christian

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By Beth Portolese

In August, I met with Christian to talk about fall fashion. It didn’t feel like fall too much then, but it certainly does now. Christian and I met again recently to talk about outerwear and accessories for the fall:

Me:  Christian, it is getting cooler out so let’s talk about outerwear for fall and winter. What have you seen?

Christian:  Well, for outerwear, capes were really strong this year. Chloe did incredible oversize capes, so did Marni and Phillip Lim. It is a great look over a really fitted skirt, dress or leggings, and  they can go from day into night. It’s a fun and a very forgiving look if you want to do something that is a little concealing. I’ve seen capes that have a fur collar or hood that look nice. Dolce and Gabbana did some cable knit capes with fur collars.

Me: How about coats?

Christian:  Duffle coats is a trend that is kind of just getting started and will probably continue into spring. Joseph Altuzarra and Alexander Wang both did these type of coats. Also, down puffy coats are still happening, which is nice because they are so warm.  This year they have a little bit more of an interesting shape rather than just a regular ski jacket.

Me:  Okay, let’s talk about my favorite things … shoes and bags!

Christian:  Well for bags, since the advent of iPads, designers have started to do all these cases that look like they are for documents or laptops. Rectangular shapes. Now you are seeing them made out of precious skins like snakeskin or alligator along with leather. It looks sort of like an oversized clutch. That is how I think of it. Celine, Balenciaga and Rouchard did them. These look kind of professional and are a great business look. In addition to these, oversize bags are in. Everyone is going to be going to the chiropractor because you tend fill a purse up and it gets heavy, but oversize bags for day are in. Bottega Veneta made great oversized kind of shopper type bag. Chloe and Marc Jacobs did them. Marc Jacob’s whole collection was oversized, especially the bags. They were huge. Actually I think it looks great if you are wearing a fitted dress with the big oversized bags. It kind of makes your waist look tiny. Haha.

Me: And shoes?

Christian:  I saw a lot of textures mixed together in bags and that is happening with shoes also. It started in the spring with the shoes having different color leathers mixed together. You are seeing that again in the fall, but the colors are darker and the leather has different textures. The heel size is all over the map, but people are moving away from the platforms. The day shoes don’t seem to be as high…maybe around 3 inches with a little chunkier heel. Also a pointy ladylike pump that is not super high. There is not so much of the super high Louboutin heels…this look is kind of feeling played out. You are also seeing a lot of menswear inspired shoes but for women…like oxford type flat shoes. Prada has a lot of those type of shoes.

As with last year, I feel that boots will be really strong this year…especially higher boots to the knee or above.

Me: Well I’m looking forward to wearing them all! As a final note, are there any fashion exhibits in New York that you would recommend for the fall?

Christian:  Well at the Museum of Art and Design the jewelry of Margaret De Patta is on until Sept 23. Also they will have an exhibit of Doris Duke; her Islamic art and jewelry and accessories which should be really interesting. At the Fashion Institute they are continuing their A to Z designer collections. Their big exhibit for the fall is the Ivy Style exhibit. All things related to the Ivy Leagues and collegiate, preppy Ralph Lauren, waspy designs that are always in fashion. Bard graduate center is doing a circus exhibit. All things related the circus including fashion and design. YaYoi Kusama is still at the Whitney which you have to see.  It has been really great to see the focus on female designers this year.

Me:  Thanks again, Christian. Let’s talk about holiday fashions very soon!

Christian Freedom was born and raised on Long Island and attended Sarah Lawrence college where he received a BA in theater, design and art history.  After moving to New York City where he initially worked as a model and actor, Christian went on to design costumes for theater, dance, print, and independent films.  He also worked as a sales stylist at several high end boutiques.  He is currently a jewelry designer(website: and stylist.  

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