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Fall Make Up Trends: All That Glitters

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A huge trend in fashion for this fall is, yes, glitter! Some of the designers using this fall trend in their shows were the ever classic Donna Karen all the way to the even more classic Chanel.  When you think of glitter, I’m sure you are thinking of the scary ‘do not ever wear over the age of twelve’ glitter. Because of this, you are probably thinking, “How is this fifty friendly?”  Well, where there is a will there is a way.  I think if used in the most flattering spots of the eye it, is very possible to use this make up trend if you are older.  A lot of cosmetic lines have perfected glitters into little glowy spheres that actually adhere to the eye and leave quite the beautiful overlay. For years we have been told that glitter, shine and frost is a huge no no. I say buck the rules and have a little fun if you dare!

To use glitter in a flattering way, first do your favorite shadow look on the eye. For the look I’m going to suggest, I prefer just a simple wash of color over the eyelid and no highlight under the brow. Use a matte flesh tone shadow under the brow or even a concealer.  For added interest use the same shadow wash in the lower lash line and a sharp black liner in the upper lash line.

Now that we have the basics set, where does the glitter come in to play? Well, here’s the big moment! Take the glitter and put it in the inner corner of the eye. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?  Just a little twinkle to bring the inner part of the eye forward.  Now if you are feeling really daring, take your finger and place a dollup of glitter right on the ball of the eye as well. This will give a playful overlay of sparkle without going overboard and accentuating the bad spots.

I think this look is fun for a holiday party or a special night out. After all, diamonds are girl’s best friend so you should think of glitter as a piece of jewelry for the eye. Have fun!

XOXO, Dustin Lujan


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