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Fall Make-Up Trends: How to Create the Cat Eye

Fall Make-Up Trends: How to Create the Cat Eye
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By Dustin Lujan

This is the first of a few articles discussing the top beauty trends and how to translate them to your own beauty routine.  Experimenting with color and trends is something you are never too old for.

One of the main trends I saw hitting the runways and beauty counters for the fall season was the ever timeless cat eye. This was a look shown by many designers, from Dior’s metallic silver avant garde winged eye, to Salvatore Ferragamo’s smokey winged eye, to Monique Lhuillier’s literal art deco cat eye.

While all these looks are fascinating and fun on fifteen to twenty year old models, you have to ask the question “How can I pull this off?” Don’t fret! There is a way for the fifty plus woman to pull this look off seamlessly and tastefully. In addition, this appropriate and flattering look can give a little lift to mature eyes.

First, start with your favorite eye shadow look or with a bare eye, primed with an eye base. You should buy a specific eye primer, not use your under eye concealer or foundation.   Once you have your eye primed and ready to go, I recommend using a potted liner or felt tip liquid liner.

First start with a small line in your upper lash line. To make this a little easier use the top of your lashes themselves to steady your quill or brush. Follow the entire length of the upper eye. Next, use your brush or quill on the outer corner of your eye, holding the brush or quill a little more outside the edge of your eye.  Make sure the point of your tool is facing away from the eye and stroke into the lash line.  Even out the line making the wing match up with the small line you already drew in and you have a cat eye! Since you are not a pro with this technique, I’m guessing you have some what of a distorted version of a cat eye. Do not worry! This is not the end of it for you. To finish it off, take a deep color such as a black, grey, or navy, and with a small smudge brush, run the shadow in the upper lash line from the inner part of the eye and flick it out the outer corner of the eye. This will blend out the liner, soften the line, and give you the perfect fifty plus cat eye that you can be proud to wear either in the office or out on the town. I know that this technique will help you to get your wings.

See the pictures up on the make up and hair board on our Pinterest Page.  

XOXO, Dustin Lujan

Makeup Artist, Dustin Lujan brings more than a decade of knowledge and expertise to  His unique talents not only combine exquisite artistry, but also an exceptional ability to communicate the craft, quality and design in the art of makeup.  His editorial work and knowledge have graced the pages of beauty and fashion’s top glossy publications, from InStyle to More magazine, from regional press to widely read blogs.  His passion for teaching women how to highlight their best features has earned him a national reputation as an artist who can make each individual woman look her very best.  


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