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Finally, A Comfortable Shoe!

Finally, A Comfortable Shoe!
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By Susan Hornik

If you are in need of a comfortable, high fashion shoe, then TANYA HEATH Paris may be an interesting place to shop if you are in Los Angeles. The concept shoe store allows women to interchange the heels on a shoe. Originating from Paris, the very first Tanya Heath store in America just opened in Beverly Hills. Other stores are planned throughout the country and in Europe and Canada.

With a simple, one-click method, Heath, a Canadian designer, created the world’s first convertible, multi-height shoe with removable heels bringing customization opportunities to those who wear the shoe. “The shoes are custom made and are uniquely interchangeable with the heel collection. Every shoe can be worn with every heel. Your shoe will always have the right look and height for wherever you are and whatever you are doing!” she said.

Tanya Health Photos Khanh

Tanya Health Photos Khanh

Heath considers the shoe an excellent item to pack away on a trip. “I can do a weekend trip anywhere with one colorful pair of shoes, which takes up all that space in your bags. I love the convenience of not having to worry about checking in my bag at the airport.”

There is a huge desire for comfort these days, which is why these shoes use memory foam. Heath is seeing a trend toward more ladylike, conservative footwear. “I wanted to create this for 18 years. After my pregnancies and walking everywhere, I had hurt my foot and really wanted to create something that would be fashionable and comfortable. I wanted a shoe that I could wear to work or wear out. And when I needed greater mobility, I wanted to be able to get rid of the high heel and implement the lower heel. I was very excited to create this innovative concept.”

Previously the owner of a boutique shop on Balboa Island, “Bauble on Balboa,” which was named a top store in Orange County several years running, Los Angeles store manager Pame Schmider has always been attracted to fashion that is exquisite, stylish, and unique.

Now, as the first U.S. brand ambassador and storeowner of the first TANYA HEATH Paris boutique in the U.S., Plame will usher in a new French fashion revolution to Los Angeles – the Heath wave – in the heart of Robertson Boulevard across from celebrity-favorite restaurant, “The Ivy.”

“During my trip to Paris, I was shopping on the Left Bank and by complete luck, came upon a store that was like no shoe store I had ever seen before,” said Schmider. “When I stepped inside TANYA HEATH Paris, I knew immediately this was a revolutionary take on heels and shoes.”

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