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Get Red-Carpet Ready!

Get Red-Carpet Ready!
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Lights!  Cameras! Are you ready for your own red carpet event!? Even if you are not a celebrity, you can still look good at your Oscar viewing parties—or any black tie affair you are headed to!’s Susan Hornik talked to industry experts about what it takes for mature women to look your best!

From Paul Perez, stylist at Sally Hershberger salon

What can we do with our hair to be red carpet ready?

First, I think it’s important to have your hair properly blown out or styled for your hair type. Having polished looking hair for the red carpet is important! That means taming frizz that might pop up during the evening with a good anti frizz serum or a strong anti-moisture hairspray. I like Major Body by Sally Hershberger. Pick a style that best suits your style and personality. You want to feel comfortable! Also, choose a style that opens up your face. The right blowout with body and volume is key; I like using products like Shu Uemura Fiber Lift because it’s light but effective. It also provides heat protection if you have to use a curling iron or flatiron. If you choose an updo, create a contour that compliments your face. Long hair always adds layers for movement and body. Having longer hair without layers is not flattering and a major no no. Conditioning your hair more often than not with a proper conditioning treatment is equally key. As you get older, hair becomes more fragile.

Erick Orellana, colorist, Sally Hershberger salon

How about color?

Looking red carpet ready is not an easy task! Having your hair color looking fresh is always a must. The Oscars set the perfect platform for getting hair inspiration and upcoming trends you can take and make your own. Always remember that less is more–choosing a low maintenance color is great to keep the hair more consistently well maintained and looking fresh. Choosing a tone that suits your skin type and eye color is a must, and the best way to get the perfect lighting to do this is ’natural lighting.” Take a look at your skin and eye color in outside natural light to easily determine what tone you are. When choosing a celebrity inspired color, make sure you have at least one of their features in common, so you don’t get disappointed with it not looking like the celebrity you chose.

As we age, the area under our eyes gets darker, or sunken in. What can we do to have our hair camouflage this area more?

Dark circles can be easily minimized by the placement of a few highlights around the face to brighten up your features and attract more light to the skin.

Can you have healthy hair at any age?

Mature hair can require a little more attention when it comes to maintaining it in a healthy condition. Grey hair is more coarse and wirey, so I always recommend a little hair treatment here and there to help hydrate and tame it. Also over-processing should be avoided to prevent unnecessary damage.

Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of Rodial Skincare and Nip + Fab

How do you get mature skin red carpet ready?

For the best red carpet results for mature skin I would recommend Glamoxy Snake Serum for a fast acting instant effect. Snake serum targets expression lines, using a freezing effect to soften the muscle contractions; helping the skin to become instantly plumper, minimizing signs of ageing. The perfect red carpet look! For me the most important step when caring for your skin is wear SPF and moisturize with a rich moisturizer daily. My top tip is investing in a night cream. Night creams are one of the most important steps in caring for your skin. With the right product your skin can make the most changes during the night. I would recommend Dragon’s Blood Night Cream as it works as an overnight skin perfecting moisturizer, ensuring that you wake up looking fresh and younger.

Why is bee venom so helpful for anti-aging?

Bee Venom works to train the skin cells to regenerate quicker. When you are younger your skin cells work quicker which is why you don’t have wrinkles. As we age, the cells slow down and therefore we begin to see the signs of aging. Bee Venom plumps and smoothes wrinkles, and increases the blood circulation by tricking the cells into thinking they are young again.

Celebs often use tinted moisturizers, do you recommend using this instead of a foundation?

Yes I highly recommend tinted moisturizers as they are less heavy on your skin and help to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. I find some foundations leave your skin looking dry and patchy, where as the right tinted moisturizer can leave your skin smooth, with a natural and even coverage. Instaglam is a great tinted moisturizer with built in SPF to help protect your skin and leaves the complexion looking flawless.

What kind of concealer do you recommend for aging skin?

For mature skin, concealer is a makeup essential, so it’s important to get it right.  I would recommend a light concealer with light reflecting particles that will help to cover all blemishes, targeting wrinkles and crow’s feet under and around the eye area. Avoid applying it too close to the lower lashes to avoid the “mask” look. Instaglam Eye is a great light weight concealer option that includes Hyaluronic Acid to help plump the skin for a smooth and awake finish

How do you get your mature skin red carpet ready?

Because mature skin tends to be dry and textured, I focus on a whole layering process to get the skin super moisturized, plump, and glowing.  I start with a mini facial and quickly exfoliate with a gentle peel (O.R.G’s Organic Mineral Peel Face) and then load up the skin with a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid.  I then apply a collagen moisturizer and follow with an illuminating makeup primer like CK One Skin Illuminator.  Next, I apply a luminous foundation that has enough coverage to even out the skin but gives the skin a natural finish like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I then set the skin with Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder to set the look and also blur away any remaining textures from the skin and products layered together.

Do you have any skin do’s and don’ts?

I always tell my clients to be conscious of skin and what it needs.  I remind them that being excessive does not help the skin but can hurt it instead. Having done makeup for over 10 years, I have seen a lot, and the two skin adverse habits I can immediately guess right away from one look at a person’s skin are smoking, since there are drier and darker circles than the average woman and more crow’s feet. And chemical peels; there is thin skin with very little elasticity or bounce.

Why is bee venom so helpful for anti-aging? It’s supposed to help with elasticity of the skin and also with moisture retention. I know that bee products like royal jelly and bee venom were very popular ancient beauty regimens within the Chinese royalty for anti-aging purposes.

Suzie Kim, makeup specialist and skin consultant for ORG Skincare

Celebrities often use tinted moisturizers, do you recommend using this instead of a foundation?

I love the look of tinted moisturizer on someone who has dry skin and minimal uneven tones.  For someone like me who is oily with time to time breakouts and blemish spots,  I need an oil free foundation that leaves a fresh natural finish but still pigmented enough to cover dark spots, like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

What kind of concealer do u recommend for aging skin?

I categorize my concealers into two parts:  one for under eye and one for blemish spots. This is because the texture of skin for each category tends to be very different.  I usually need a great hydrating concealer that doesn’t get cakey under the eyes but pigmented enough to cover dark circles. For blemish spots on the face, I like more pigmented concealers with a smooth dry consistency.

The eyes are so delicate any tips for this area?

I recommend looking at the products you want to use and seeing if there are key ingredients. In an eye cream, I look for green tea extract and plant protein-based collagen. I notice with these, I see more immediate results to hydrate and depuff the under eyes. For clients who had little sleep or a rough night, I take two thin cotton pads and saturate it with my favorite eye serums that contain the green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, and collagen and leave it under their eyes for at least 20 minutes while I finish all the other makeup.  You can definitely see it work immediately and it helps revitalize and smooth out the under eye area!

Designer Mayren Viray of MLV Dresses

What fashion tips can you offer readers when headed to a red carpet event?

To be honest the best tip? CONFIDENCE!  You know that feeling when you know you look good, no matter how old or what size you are? That’s the essence of MLV right there.  The very fabric (no pun intended) of my line is for those moments when people are looking at you …maybe with a little of that “I’d love to look like that!” And always take care of yourself physically and mentally, obviously avoid alcohol and any beauty treatments like hair, facials, etc. should be done with plenty of time for recuperation.

What colors are in at the moment for gowns and cocktail dresses?

Minty green and peachy nudes are great colors I would love to see on carpet this year.

What are your inspirations?

I love the sleek sophisticated looks on the streets of Paris mixed with the simplicity of the LA lifestyle—beach, movies, and weather.  I know they sound like polar opposites but that is why MLV exists.  I wanted something that could be chic and sleek BUT also at home in my home.

Mika Fowler, Head Stylist, Beverly Hills’ Montage Hotel 

Can you offer us any hair tips? Keep your style simple but leave some fringe or bangs around your face line that makes your look softer. (And usually that can help hide any wrinkles!)

How often do u recommend washing the hair?

Most of my clients wash their hair every few days. It depends on your hair type, if you have a dry skin, you can wait longer or just rinse with warm water and not use shampoo.

Can mature women still have long hair and look good?

Of course, it’s doesn’t depend on your age, it depends on your total look! If you have full healthy hair, then please enjoy it!!

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