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Glam Up Your Gray Hair – 4 Tips for Rocking It

Glam Up Your Gray Hair – 4 Tips for Rocking It
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Graying naturally is not the end of the world – quite the contrary.  But if pure gray does not suit your style, there are many styles you can try out to add a splash of color and personality to an already great look. Here are a few suggestions off the top of our heads:

Add a Splash of Color to Your Gray Hair

  • Combine gray with pink. If you are the type who likes to play around with hair colors, a silvery-gray to pinky-purple scheme might be up your alley. One of the greatest things about gray hair is that it offers the perfect ‘’template’’ to experiment with a wide variety of colors. Furthermore, if you choose washout hair dyes or semi-permanent hair colors, you can rinse them out and try something new if you are not happy with the results;
  • Snow White-gray. Are you looking for something more specific? Like, classic German fairy tale Grimm specific? I think you already know where this is going. If you are looking for that Snow White-gray that looks like it has been rendered with CGI magic, you can achieve that with a silver or white toner.
  • Violet to silver. Think about this color scheme as the reverse of a gray-to-pink combination.

Other great ways to play around with your new hair color include:

  • Gray with hints of blonde. If you feel uncomfortable dyeing your hair all the way, this combination is ideal, as it combines light butter blonde with silver gray highlights flawlessly;
  • Mushroom gray. This color scheme will help you make the most out of the transition to gray hair, adding an extra level of style and depth to your hair. The cool, earthy tones of this combination allow the gray strands in your hair to ‘’breathe,’’ resulting in an elegant color blend perfect for the transitional period;
  • Antique gray. No, by antique we do not mean ‘’old,’’ rather a color combination that is reminiscent of the glam and glitz of old Hollywood. It has a warmth and gentleness that few hair color schemes have. So, if you are looking to rock a Diane Keaton look, this might be the thing for you.

Complement You Gray Hair with Specific Makeup

Along with going gray and playing around with different color schemes to enhance it, you should make some adjustments to your makeup routine. If the transition makes you look paler, now it is the time to use blush and brighter lip colors. Red lipstick is fine as well, as long as it is light or sheer red. Here are a few more makeup tips that will help you sport that gray hair with style:

  • Focus on the brows more than you used to;
  • Highlight your cheekbones with blush;
  • Line your eyes with a brown or navy eyeliner;
  • Use neutral foundation.

Haircuts that Go Well with Gray Hair

Don’t let anyone fool you – ladies with gray hair have tons of options in terms on hairstyle. This shade is the perfect ground for experimentation, so along with the tips highlighted above, we recommend you give these haircuts a try:

  • Center part with flipped-out curls. If the name does not ring a bell, maybe the name Farrah Fawcett will, because this is the hairstyle she rocked over the last few decades. If you want to keep it low-profile, you can try out the modern version of this classic, which has much less volume but frames the face better;
  • Classic bob. Because who said that only the 1920s’ flappers and young French actresses are allowed to sport this cut?
  • Easy lob. This is a ‘’longer’’ version of the bob haircut that falls above the shoulders but bellow the chin.
  • Long and straight. If you think the first strands of gray hair are a telltale sign you should cut the thing as short as possible, then think again.
  • Asymmetrical lob. If you are looking to add some volume to your hair, you can try out the asymmetrical lob. Longer in the front and shorter in the back, it is the perfect way to emphasize your hair shade without making it seem too much on the nose.

Add Shine to Your Gray Hair by Using the Right Products

Now that we have established what haircuts, makeup products, and colors go well with gray hair, it is time to proceed to everyone’s least favorite part: maintenance. As gorgeous as it might be, if neglected and left to its own devices, gray hair can appear dull. Here is what you can do:

  • Brighten up the hair by using purple-tinted shampoos to add some gloss and shine;
  • Smooth it out using serums, glosses, and silicone-based products. Additionally, you should never steer clear of the conditioners from Pantene and Kerastase;
  • Brush your hair every night before bed to move the oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair;
  • Use clarifying shampoos once a week to remove product build-up from your gray hair. Alternatively, you can mix your shampoo with apple cider vinegar for better rinsing.

Going gray is not a reason to run to the nearest store and buy the first dye, rather a great opportunity to embrace it and build a whole new style around this transition. And since gray hair is the perfect template for experimentation, there is a plethora of options in terms of haircuts and makeup. We hope that the tips highlighted in this article will help you nail your style.

Elaine Goodman, a longtime fashion enthusiast, serves as senior editor at MenHairStylist. If you are looking for the latest fashion trends in the hair care industry, Elaine’s blog is one of the best online sources there is. Elaine’s hair care philosophy and blogging activity is based on the idea that everybody, regardless of hair type, has a style that is just waiting to be discovered. After accomplishing her blogging and editorial duties for the day, Elaine likes to spend her remaining free time with a good murder mystery novel, connecting the dots, and solving the mystery along with the characters.

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