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Group Activities for Boomers: 8 Great Ideas to Socialize

Group Activities for Boomers: 8 Great Ideas to Socialize
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By Renee Moen

Life is busy but still need social time with friends and get up early for work. If you don’t have time for a disco nap so you can go out clubbing all night, here are some great ideas to socialize for fun or with a purpose – minus the knitting needles.

Art, wine and thou

Drinking wine is no longer solely for admiring art; people may drink to create art, in public. And, art classes aren’t just for artists anymore. Studies have shown utilizing the oft neglected creative muscle increases serotonin levels. A burst of serotonin creates happiness. Plus, creating art is not only cathartic, but also creates a sense of accomplished pride. Grab some friends and head out for an evening of wine and creation. If there isn’t a studio nearby, host an art/wine session for them at home. There are many art instruction videos on YouTube. Painting, drawing, sculpture, origami, calligraphy, if you can dream it, it’s most likely available. Liberate your inner beatnik. 

Wake up the book club

What reading group hasn’t covered 50 Shadows of Kites in the Twilight Fault of Elephants? Love to read books but tired of reading what everyone else is discussing? Maybe it’s time to stretch the mind beyond the masses. Cover the classics, focus on books that have been banned or challenged over the years and discuss what makes them so offensive to some people. Throw a non-fiction book into the mix. While the group is reading and gathering talking points, the host can coordinate refreshments directly correlated to the book. Debating Harper Lee’s story may go smoother with a Tequila Mockingbird cocktail on hand. Raise a toast to Atticus!

Coffee klatch for a cause

A “Coffee Klatch” does indeed translate into “Coffee Gossip”. Back in the day, neighborhood women would congregate in a local kitchen and gossip about who’s sleeping with the milkman or which nosey neighbor was getting her come-uppance. Today, getting together with friends to gossip can be fun, but why not also put that energy towards a good cause? While discussing the latest community news, your group can put together literacy bags for new mothers; organize canned goods for a local food bank, or stuff envelopes for a favored candidate. There are dozens of organizations that utilize home-based volunteers.

The group that cooks together

As the body ages, certain eating habits fall by the wayside. It’s all too easy, as the years pass, to fall into a food rut, preparing the same meals over and over again. Get a group together for a culinary shakeup. Choose a theme, whether focusing on a certain ingredient (cucumbers) a region (Mediterranean), or a dietary choice (Paleo). Each member then looks for an intriguing recipe, or invents one. Have a party in the kitchen. Everyone cooks to the beat of music playing. The best part – enjoying the all the flavors when it’s finished. Bon Appetite!

Exercise, it’s not only for the mind

Gather a couple friends and sign up for an exercise class. There are more ways to get fit today than twenty years ago. Richard Simmons’ tears and Billy Blanks’ scary stare are a thing of the past. Today, there are a variety of classes such as Yoga, Zumba, or Pole Dance fitness. All are guaranteed to work a body into submission and make a person feel like they have an equilibrium problem…but in a good way. Friends who exercise together create a strong bond  – one of laughter and shared challenge. Sweat it out!

Documentary discussions; the new book club

With renewed awareness of the world around us, documentary films are gaining in popularity. Also gaining in popularity are streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu; all of which offer a wide selection of documentaries. Invite the group over to watch and discuss. There is such diversity with documentary films and filmmakers; it might be hard to choose. Watching a Ken Burns film is dramatically different than viewing Morgan Spurlock’s latest offering. Offer wine, snacks, and if the group is in speechless awe when the film is over, have talking points ready to get the discussion started.

Dust off the gaming table

A show of hands: who had parents that played a weekly game of (insert card game here). Why not revive the tradition? Get ahold of a copy of Hoyle’s Rules of Card Games, buy a couple decks at the Dollar Store and invite friends over for a civil game of Spit. Maybe not Spit, there is no civility in Spit, Euchre, maybe? Board games are just as fun. Instead of digging out the ancient Monopoly set from childhood, head to a store and find fun, adult games such as Settlers of Catan, Dixit or Telestrations. Still hooked on the idea of playing cards? Pick up one of the many editions of Flux. Embrace the diversity!

A blissfully quiet outing

With lives as full and hectic as the average adult’s is, it does a soul good to indulge a little. Spa days are filled with being pampered, who better to share that with than good friends? A modern day spa offers everything a person could hope for such as massages, facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, cucumber water, etc. Most facilities will accommodate small groups and coordinate the services so friends can be together. A day at the spa with friends makes the heart sing!



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