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Intergenerational Travel

Intergenerational Travel
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A visit with the grand kids or young family members for many adults involves trips to the local zoo, aquarium, or amusement park. Can you say boring? Today’s young whippersnappers are looking for more exciting adventures and so are today’s older adults. Luckily, there are exciting options to satisfy everyone. It is probably too late to plan an adventure for this summer but you can get a jump on planning for next year.

How do you get started? You can contact a travel agent. Or you can go online and web surf travel sites. Many offer family-friendly trips. If you’re interested in an intergenerational adventure, here’s four options to get you started.

Road Scholar

You may have heard of Elderhostel. Well, they rebranded in 2010 as Road Scholar. The company has been around since 1975 and unlike most travel agencies, they’re a non-profit. According to their website, non-profit status lets them keep costs low. They also offer scholarships and caregiver grants to people in financial need. The trips are learning experiences wrapped in fun so get ready to flex your brain matter while you have a good time.

Road Scholar offers different travel adventures, including intergenerational trips. In fact, they currently offer 159 adventures. To get started, click on the age(s) of your travel companions. You can select from 5-years-old to eighteen. The trips are age-appropriate. You can also browse through all of the adventures. Destinations include Sarasota, Florida; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Berlin, Germany.

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club has over 300 trips. They currently offer 8 family outings. The adventures are usually in national parks, so if you and young’uns are the outdoorsy type, this may be right up your alley. The trips are all eco-friendly, so be kind to Mother Nature. Destinations include Tahoe National Forest, California; Costa Rico; and Dinosaur National Monument, Utah. You’ll have to be in top shape for these adventures, though. In fact, everyone must be pre-approved before they can officially start packing. After you sign up, you will have to fill out some paperwork including a questionnaire, medical form, and liability waiver. You’ll have 30 days to return the material, or you will not be able to participate.

Great Camp Sagamore

What could be better than a summer camp for adults? A summer camp for adults and kids. Camp Sagamore offers weeklong adventures on beautiful Raquette Lake, New York. Grand camps are designed for kids ages 6-14 and their grandparents (or older relative). According to their website, activities include  “…hiking, canoeing, arts & crafts, and music, with evenings earmarked for campfires, concerts, night-hikes, and a good old-fashioned barn dance.” You also get time off in the early afternoon while the kids are entertained by the staff.

A separate program is designed for kids 6-9 and is actually part of the Road Scholar program. Expect to hike, make crafts, and basically commune with nature. A third program, also available through Road Scholar, is geared to the 10-13 age group. This program includes hiking, canoeing, and other outdoor activities.


Tauck offers family trips in both the United States and abroad. The minimum age for most trips is 3 but for some adventures, children must be older. So, make sure you double check the age requirements for any trips that interest you. What are some of the family destinations? I’m glad you asked. US destinations include Alaska and San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and the Monterey Peninsula. You can also book a 10-day African safari, visit the Canadian Rockies or have a wonderful adventure in Paris. They also offer a family European riverboat cruise.

As you can see, traveling with kids does not have to boring. You can find great adventures if you know where to look. You can plan an adventure, using one of the sites listed above; or,r you can do a little homework and create your own itinerary. Just remember, kids make great travel partners. In many cases, you can take them wherever you dream of visiting. Also remember if you plan to travel abroad, make sure everyone has a passport. Oh, and if you go on an adventure, send me a few pictures. I like to live my life vicariously through others. Happy travels!









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