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K.I.M.M.: Keep it Minimal Madam: Makeup for Mature Women

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As we mature, our makeup needs to change.  Most of us want to look our best without spending ages applying a zillion products, the start towards keeping makeup minimal. Obviously, every woman’s idea of “minimal” differs, but makeup basics are: moisturizer, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blusher and lip color.  It’s your look so you can add or subtract products or even have days when you wear no makeup but, for when you want to look your best, these are must-haves.

A Minimalist Makeup Kit

Moisturizer is made to hold water in the outer layers of your skin. Many older women have dry skin that responds well to a product containing retinol to minimize fine lines.  Some women, (and some dermatologists), feel that consistently using a product that removes the topmost layer of skin is too harsh. (

Once you use a retinol product, you are likely hooked but many are over-the-counter and won’t break the bank.

Choose cream or liquid foundation in a color close to our skin tone and apply it with a brush. This allows you to put on a light, sheer layer. When done, blend foundation in at the sides of the face and under your chin.   The only chic place for a mask is at a costume party.

“It’s time to discard eye shadow in ‘fantasy colors’ like blue, green or teal, “ says makeup artist Elizabeth Terenchin, ( “Also get rid of any and all makeup with pearl, sparkle or shimmer as these make fine lines more apparent.”

Apply eye liner with a thin brush only on the top lash as liner on the bottom can make eyes appear to droop. Avoid liquid liner that can look harsh on older eyes. “If you must wear liner on the bottom,” Terenchin adds, “keep it to the outer corners of the eye.”

Use brown-black or dark brown mascara, removing remove any clumps with the brush. Clean up spots with a cotton swab.

Select a “tender” shade of blusher and pick a cream-based product. Apply it from mid-cheek bone, spreading blush outward towards your temples. You want to look attractively flushed, not like Bozo the Clown

There are varying thoughts on matte vs. gloss lipsticks with some experts insisting that only matte resists feathering. However, some of us hate the dryer feel of matte on our mouths.  As to color, try a shade close to the natural color of your lips like rose or pinkish. Orange, bright red and dark purple are usually poor choices but color depends on your skin tone.

Tidy Brows Help Open Older Eyes

One additional tip: a professional eyebrow shaping is a great investment. If professional upkeep is too expensive, use the professional’s work as a road map for your own waxing or tweezing.

Overall, for mature women, less makeup is more effective. Continue to update your look as time passes to appear modern, dignified and maybe even younger than you are.

Mari S. Gold is a freelance writer who works for many magazines and websites. Much of her work deals with health, food,  travel and relationships. Her food and travel blog, But I Digress… is at  She divides her time between New York City and Southern Vermont with her husband and bi-state cats.



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