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Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!
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Lights, camera, action! Millions of people from around the world will sit down to watch the Oscars this weekend, admiring all the glitz and glamour, on the red carpet.  And while the celebrities look amazing for the most part, we can’t help but wistfully wonder how to look as great. Fiftyisthenewfifty’s Susan Hornik talked with experts while she was out and about in Hollywood, to get secret tips on how to look stunning after fifty.

Celebrity hair and makeup artist Anthony Pazos is right on the pulse of what’s happening with celebrity hair. “This season celebrities aren’t afraid to take risks. Sleek dos and even wigs will be seen on our favorite celebs as they gallantly stride down the red carpet.”  Recently, Pazos worked with “Orange is the New Black” star Julie Lake for her attendance at the 2017 SAG Awards.

Susan Oscar 4 Anthony

Anthony Pazos

Pazos’ personal go to style favorite is a side part S wave reminiscent of Veronica Lake. “Old Hollywood glamour is a great go to hair style that I love to incorporate on my celebrity clients, especially when their photographs stay permanent on the Internet. I’m a huge fan of classic looks because they’re timeless.”

When it comes to hair cuts and colored hair,  Pazos is seeing a lot of mid length styles with ombre colors. “Natural tones in red and honey will be predominate this season, up unti mid-spring, when celebs will start to incorporate highlights throughout.”

For ladies over 50 looking to create that look, Pazos has recommendations.

“You want to make sure you stay away from overly ashy tones. Ashy tones create the look of dry damaged, weathered hair. It’s important to ask your colorist for rich vivid tones in gold, orange, red and red violet. These mixtures in natural based hair colors give shine and create a more youthful appearance in your hair.”

Another great trick to maintain your hair color is using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners, Pazos said. “It’s also important to rinse your hair with cold water. Warm rinse when washing your hair tends to fade color faster.”

Pazos also offered makeup tips that illustrate a more youthful look.

“As we age, our skin begins to sag and the elasticity weakens creating wrinkles. For collagen building and firmer skin, exfoliate your face and neck with sugar and coconut oil. This natural remedy removes dry skin, while adding moisture to normally dry skin,” Pazos said.

For added moisture, try rose hip oil, Pazos added. “Rose hip oil in its natural form does not clog pores and leaves the skin firmer and wrinkle free.”

Backstage at Distinctive Assets’ Grammy gifting suite, celebrity hair expert Laura Ashtyn offered other tips, stating “taking care of and protecting your hair is enormously  important.

“By using organic styling products, especially a volume shampoo and conditioner, moisture spray, and heat protectant spray, you ensure that your hair stays shiny, healthy, and strong no matter how many times you blow out your hair,” she said, while styling celebs.

“You can never go wrong with a good, classic blow out. It’s perfect for a casual night out with your friends, but can so easily be dressed up for a timeless look,” Ashtyn noted.

If you have fine, flat, or thinning hair, Ashtyn’s company makes hair extensions that can cover roots and give you volume. “Extensions can be added with absolutely no damage to your hair! But even if you have thick hair, our Volume Extensions can be added, to give you even more va-va-voom length for your fancy night out.”

The company offers free consultations on their website or via email ( to help consumers choose the perfect extensions and color to match your natural hair.

While at the Oxygenetix table at Distinctive Assets, celebrity make up artist, Patty Bunch talked about what she has learned during her 37 year career, making up A listers.

Margo Martindale Made Up

Margo Martindale Made Up

Patty Bunch

Patty Bunch

“Because of hormonal fluctuation, women over fifty need more hydration and skin tightening. Choosing the perfect foundation with complimenting effects like Oxygenetix  is very important,”  the Emmy nominated artist noted.

Preparing your skin before any fun event you are going to is mandatory, Bunch acknowledged.

“I have my actors and clients coming to my business, Bungalow Skin Spa in Toluca Lake, California, a few days ahead for Oxygen Hydration, which helps tighten the skin. This locking in of moisture and the tightening effects will lasts for days, so when you are ready to apply Oxygenetix’s breathable foundation, your skin will be ready.

“When you look like a winner you really can’t lose,” Bunch enthused.

One tip Bunch emphasized: smokey eye is your enemy after you turn 50.

“Stay natural and breath taking,” said Bunch. “Concealer is the magic that hides the flaws. Place it in the corners, keeping the eyes bright and melting it with your fingers to camouflage dark circles and imperfections. Also, concealer around your mouth will mask lines and bounce light back, to defuse the appearance, making your lips more radiant. Powder then apply lip pencil, to hold color with less migration of  your lipstick choice.”

When women reach their 50s, there is a lot you can do to help fight the aging process, said Nurse Nataly, known as the ‘Aesthetic Queen of Beverly Hills.’

“At this point, women only have a small percentage the estrogen they used to have so, skin can be dry and fine lines and wrinkles will start to become more noticeable and the face will begin to sag overweigh all, jowls can appearing and jawline and cheeks begin to be less pronounced. Also sunspots will begin to become more noticeable as well on the hands and face.

Nurse Nataly, founder and President of the celebrity loved iGlow Med Spa in Beverly Hills.

Nurse Nataly, founder and President of the celebrity loved iGlow Med Spa in Beverly Hills.

There is a lot you can do to help the things. Treatments are available to help increase collagen and remedy the sunspots. Injectables and fillers also do wonders for a pretty and natural look. Don’t panic! Just do a bit of research and you can find out just what you need,” she said.

  • ALMI: This treatment is one of the most revolutionary skin rejuvenation procedures we will be using this year. Our Plastic surgeon will harvest fat tissue from your body and Nurse Nataly injects it back in the areas in the face of excessive volume loss. This will restore lost volume. We can pull fat from the stomach and inject it directly into your face. This is an all-natural procedure that is simple and can be done at our office in less than an hour. There no downtime and it’s  totally natural as it’s your own body fat.
  • Volumizing injectables/fillers: I recommend injections in the cheek area to recapture lost volume and help lift the jowls. These fillers are also used to restore fullness to medium and deep facial wrinkles, such as smile lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds and chin wrinkles, and other sunken areas, such as your cheeks and temples. A bit goes a long way and if done properly. it will look completely natural.
  • PRP/CO2 resurfacing lasers: At age 50 its crucial to do a vampire facial (PRP) as it’s the most rewarding treatment to renew all the cells. CO2 can really turn back the clock and when combined with PRP, it can take years off your face. The PRP will help increase production of collagen using the body’s natural elements (platelet rich plasma) to help restore and lift the face. Combined with the CO2 laser, it can offer an incurably dramatic change. Smoothing out skin texture and evening out skin tone.
  • Ultherapy: This is a noninvasive skin tightening treatment using ultrasound technology to tighten and lift the skin of the face and neck, making it a great alternative to a traditional facelift. The ultrasound energy contracts the muscles and deep tissue and stimulates the body’s own collagen to grow and strengthen, enhancing the scaffolding that supports the skin, and resulting in smoother, tighter, more lifted skin. Some patients require a few treatments but the results are really amazing.
  • Custom Peels: Peels are great for a fast glow and improving texture, pigment and acne as well as being anti aging. We cater to all skin types specifically and customize our acids. Always use SPF and our 24/7 Skin serum ( is amazing for all skin types. Especially sensitive skin! I always recommend to do this at least 3 times and space it 4 weeks apart from each treatment

Comedian Heather McDonald has had Endymed treatments by Nurse Nataly at IGlow Med Spa in Beverly Hills and her results are amazing!

Heather McDonald

Heather McDonald

With regards to fashion and jewelry, celebrity style expert Michael O’Connor, is seeing a great amount of interest in fun and/or romantic eras.  “For jewelry, this means that larger pieces are becoming more important again. Colorful looks that incorporate the beauty of colored gemstone, including mixes of several colors together, are hot.”

Michael O'Connor

Michael O’Connor

Additionally, vintage pieces, from the Edwardian, Deco and Retro (40’s) eras will continue to be important, said O’Connor.

“We see this mix of big, bold and beautiful color and glamorous styling being played out on the red carpets of the most recent awards shows.  Nicole Kidman wore an Edwardian diamond riviera necklace to the Golden Globes, while Janelle Monae wore a large emerald pair of earrings and necklace to the SAG Awards,” he noted.

Although reaching 50 is definitely not fatal, the wearing of jewelry at that age needs to be a bit more serious and well thought out, O’Connor noted.

“The large bib-style cocktail necklaces that are obviously costume jewelry pieces are best left to the kids,” O’Connor said. “This is not to say that one has to invest in an entire ‘real jewelry’ wardrobe, simply that ‘over-the-top’ costume jewelry looks can make a person look like they’re trying too hard.

He continued: “My theory is that you can mix real jewelry pieces with well made costume items, which are more elegant and have a genuine appearance. There are great larger looks that incorporate color being produced today, using lesser quality genuine gems, which give the appearance of very fine jewelry.

“Additionally, many pieces of vintage costume jewelry are incredibly well made. Mixing a few pieces of genuine and costume together can create a well-blended look that is elegant and not garish.”

Celebrity stylist Ali Levine is seeing a lot of velvet texture, especially in pastels and jewel tones.

“Plunging necklines are back in style  on the red carpet. “Skin is back in. Showing skin and cleavage in the lower necklines and shoulders is popular, as is floral details.”

Levine has solid but simple advice for women over fifty: “keep it classy and true to who you are, in your style. Don’t fight the trend. If a certain trend works for you, great! If not; don’t force it. You stay young and beautiful by being you, even with fashion.

I always say confidence is your best accessory.”

I love seeing an over 50 woman in a beautiful sheath dress and classic heels,” Levine added. “Always stunning and classic!”

Style tip: If you are looking to buy that special something, check out celebrity fashion designer Dalia MacPhee. “We are seeing deep necklines, pops of color, lace, velvet, capes, stones and beads. You’ll also see some of the looks i created for 2017, mainly fully skirts, bustled hems and old Hollywood glam.”



MacPhee believes the most stylish fashion is timeless.

“Know your strong body features and don’t be afraid to celebrate them.

MacPhee continued:  “For this awards season, we will see a lot of ethereal gowns, lacy, ‘girlie’ will be very in for this season. Beautiful, sheer, floral fabrics with a little bit of flow to them. Sequin gowns with feather detail, cascading down  the red carpet, will look stunning! Also, striking one shoulder gowns in bold colors, which show off just the right amount of skin and shoulders.”





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