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Lipstick Wardrobing

Lipstick Wardrobing
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One of the main questions I get asked on a consistent basis is “what is the right lip shade for me?”  When asked this question I am never sure how to respond.

Over the years I have tried to come up with a formula to make this simple for women around the world and have come up short.  Then I realized that there are actually several lip colors that are right for one woman.

Each occasion and time of the day has the right lip color. For example, red is typically good for a glamorous evening event with less focus on the eyes such as with the infamous cat eye.

Nudes and sheers can be used for what I like to call grocery store makeup; little to no makeup on just to polish the features for the day. Nudes and sheers can also be used with the most dramatic of looks such as a smokey or bright colored eyes which lets that feature have the spotlight.

Pinks and Fucsia lip colors can be used for the days that our faces need to be cheered up a little.  They can make us look better even if we don’t feel well. Deep plums and purples are for times that we want to feel modern or chic, turning even our most basic outfits into something modern and edgy.

All and all there is not one perfect lip color that goes with every occasion, every life style and every outfit. The answer to the question about the right lip color is that there are 5 to 10 perfect colors. I would really like to encourage women to collect shades that you truly love and to think of your lips as an accessory, just like your shoes or handbags. You wouldn’t bring your brown tote to a red carpet event or wear your patent leather pumps to the grocery store, so you should treat your lip color the same way.  At the end of the day we all know what is appropriate for where and when so please keep those lip shades ready and switch them up often, especially if you are a mature woman. We are lucky to be in a time where age is not definable. The only thing that gives it away is not modernizing.

The great thing about makeup is that it is not a tattoo and can easily come off, so wardrobe your lips and switch it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

XOXO Dustin

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