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Looking for a Skincare Product? A Review of Neutratone

Looking for a Skincare Product?  A Review of Neutratone
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Occasionally I get requests to try out different anti-aging skincare products. I have to tell you, I’m all about products.  My medicine cabinet is filled with different moisturizers and exfoliators.  All you have to do is tell me that it makes fine lines less noticeable and I’m good to try it.  As a result, when someone from Neutratone® asked me if I wanted to try their product I immediately said yes.

According to their literature, Neutratone® is a treatment that targets wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots and provides hydration and nutrients from 6 of the most powerful all natural anti-aging ingrediants.  Combining these ingredients, they deliver the ultimate formula so healthy cells are maintained longer, skin is protected and firmness and elasticity are enhanced.  Some of the ingredients are Matrixyl 3000 peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Coenzyme Q10.  Also Swiss Apple Stem Cell and Vitamins A, C, and E are in a liposome state for better delivery.

You will probably ask what a liposome state is.  I did.  Again according to the literature, liposomes are microscopic empty spheres created from soy, a natural material.  The liposome is used as a vehicle for administration of nutrients to penetrate and travel to the cellular level.  Translation: the moisturizer and nutrients are absorbed into your skin more easily.

The makers of Neutratone® recommend that you use it on your face and neck in the morning and evening.  They also recommend using a scrub to exfoliate once a week to speed up skin turnover so that your skin looks brighter and to follow a consistent routine every day.

They said to give it time so I used Neutratone® for over a month to see what the results were.  All in all, I liked it as a moisturizer.  It went on really smoothly and I didn’t feel like I had a film on my skin like I have with some other moisturizers.  My skin does actually look a little brighter but I’m not sure if it reduced any of my fine lines.  Maybe with longer use it would.  I think the best product from Neutratone® is the ultra firming eye cream that I tried along with the moisturizer.  I love this eye cream and I do think it reduced puffiness under my eyes in the morning.  It feels great and it really improved the appearance of skin around my eyes.   I will probably buy more of this once my tube runs out.

The cost of Neutratone® if you order is online is around $65.00 per jar (this is how it is priced on Amazon now).  The eye cream is around $45.  These costs are more than your average drug store products but less than some of the high end skin care products you see out there.  I think it’s a pretty good deal if you are someone who doesn’t mind spending a little extra money on skincare.


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