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Make-up Tips – Keeping Your Brushes for a Lifetime

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One of the main questions I get after all the glitz and glamour of achieving a beautiful look is, “How do I wash my makeup brushes?” I have heard that people use baby shampoo, hand soap, dish washing liquid, dip them into rubbing alcohol or peroxide, or use the cleanser that the brand sells.

Although there are a lot of theories, there is only one way to keep your brushes as fresh as when you bought them. You need to use shampoo and the conditioner that you use for your own hair! Really good brushes are made of real hair and hopefully yours are too if you have paid a lot of money for them.  If they are, you should treat them as well as you treat your hair.  Would you use hand soap or rubbing alcohol on your hair? The answer is probably not, so why damage your brushes with these tactics?

Your brushes are like damaged hair, so using shampoos that are meant for damaged hair are ideal.  They are usually high in protein in order to repair and strengthen the follicles of the brushed hair. Use conditioner on your brushes as well.  They are being dipped in powders and creams all day and loose moisture, so this is a great way to revive and get the soft flex in your bristles that you once had. This will also stop your brushes from shedding which is a common problem.  This was thought to happen because of the brush maker, but now we know it’s because of improper brush care.

Now that we know what to use, the next question is ,”How do we do it?” The first step is to wet your brush under the sink with lukewarm water. Then, pour a teaspoon worth of your shampoo into the palm of your hand. After that take your wet brush and massage it into the shampoo in the palm of your hand building suds. When you feel like the brush has been fully drenched and sudsy, rinse out your brush and squeeze out any water remaining on the brushes starting from the root to the tip of your brush!

Now we are ready to condition our brushes.  Start by dipping your newly washed brush in a teaspoon or so of your favorite conditioner in the palm of your hand and fully saturate it and then massage into the hairs. After that, rinse and squeeze out all the water from the base of the brush to the top.

Lastly, when they are still damp, shape your brushes into the original shape they had when you purchased them. This will guarantee that they are useful and good as new! When leaving them out to dry, place them on their side and let the brush head lay over the side of your counter. Never let them dry in a cup or right side up. This could lead to major root rot, and your brush will be shedding all over the place!

If these are your own personal brushes I recommend you try to do this once a week. There are other brushes that have special coatings that will allow you to only wash them once a month as well, so check the type of brushes that you have.

Happy cleaning! If you have any questions feel free to comment, and I will be happy to answer or give any feedback!

XOXO, Dustin Lujan


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