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My Summer Movie Guide 2014

My Summer Movie Guide 2014
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We all know by now that Spiderman is Amazing and that Godzilla kicks monster butt.  It’s getting hot out so I’m pretty sure that means some giant robots will be heading to a theater near you. And some brainiac apes too. You can even bet that Adam Sandler or Melissa McCarthy will be grossing us out in the near future.

But what else is there to spend our pocket money on besides the over-hyped, big-budget, star-studded spectacles? Lots! Even though the studio marketing departments would have you believe otherwise, there are many, interesting, different, challenging movies to be enjoyed. So dig into these!

“Supermensch: the Legend of Shep Gordon” (June 6th)

Who the heck is Shep Gordon I hear you ask? He’s a wild and crazy guy who has worked with everyone in Hollywood from Alice Cooper to Emeril Lagasse and has earned the respect of Mike Myers (“Wayne’s World”) who directs this rambunctious, touching documentary.

“Le Chef” (June 20th)

Yes, it has a similar title to Jon Favreau’s May release “Chef”, but this one is French and no one does food better than our Gallic cousins! This charming comedy has the great Jean Reno in the kitchen and funnyman Michael Youn channeling Remy from “Ratatouille”.  Don’t arrive hungry!

“Life Itself”  (July 4th)

You may not always have agreed with his famous thumb, but you can’t fail to admire Roger Ebert’s work ethic and prolific output. Steve James (“Hoop Dreams”) follows the Pulitzer winning film critic for the last 6 months of his life; the result is heart-breaking and revelatory.

“Boyhood”  (July 11th)

Filming just a few days a year, over a 12 year period, director Richard Linklater (“Before Midnight”) brings us this beautiful coming of age tale. Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette play the parents of a young boy (Ellar Coltrane) who ages from 7 to 19. It’s like watching home movies of someone you really care about grow up before your eyes.

“Magic in the Moonlight” (July 25th)

Woody Allen, Colin Firth and the Cote d’Azur! Who could ask for anything more in July? This comedy with spiritual underpinnings is no “Midnight in Paris”…but it’s got that Woody wit, the sun-drenched Riviera and the musical melodies of the 1920s.

“A Most Wanted Man” (July 25th)

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last film showcases him at his best, inhabiting the skin of a dour German intelligence officer on the trail of an international terrorist. It’s an intense and cerebral political intrigue adapted from the novel by John Le Carre.

“The Trip to Italy” (Aug 15th)

The only sequel on my list!!  Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite for a gastronomic excursion around Italy in a Mini Cooper. One-upmanship and braggadocio is the order of the day for these two hilarious British comedians as they riff on pasta, Pompeii and poetry.

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