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Note From the Publisher

Note From the Publisher
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It’s April! I hope you don’t get surprised on April Fool’s day.  We are featuring an article today about the history of April Fool’s Day.  I’ve always wondered how this day got started so now I have an answer.  I can never think of any clever pranks to pull on April Fools but maybe you have.  If so, send us a comment about what you did.

We have a few things coming up on the magazine this month that I think you will be interested in.  Spring is in the air so we will feature a couple of articles on Spring cleaning and what to do to sell your house.  Many people really push to do this as the nice weather approaches.

April 6 is National Stress Awareness day so we will feature an article on Stress, it’s causes and how to treat it.  Stress is one of the worse things for your health and many people experience it on a daily basis either with their jobs or personal situation.  It will be worth a read to look into it.

Have you noticed how loud music is when you go into every store or other commercial places lately?  I take a kickboxing class twice a week and last week they put the music up so loud that I had to go into the bathroom to put tissue into my ears to block the noise a little.  It was painful and bad for my hearing.  Our columnist Jill Matlow has noticed this type of thing also and has written an article about it for April.

The recent death of Patty Duke kind of hit home since she was relatively young and I watched reruns of her show growing up.  She died of Sepsis that is actually the 9th leading cause of death and one that very few people know a lot about.  Our writer, Kitt Walsh has written an article about it that we will be publishing next week.

This is all in addition to our regular articles about current events, fashion and health from writers like Lorraine Duffy Merkl and Naakai Addy.

Enjoy the nice weather!

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