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Note From The Publisher

Note From The Publisher
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Well I think Spring is finally here.  I thought so last month but then we had temperatures in the 40s in NYC.  A lot of the country, including my hometown Massena, even had snow in April.  Hopefully that is behind us and April showers (and snow) will bring May flowers.

This month in our online magazine we are going to start our series of articles on diseases that tend to appear in middle age and beyond.  This month we are looking at Parkinson’s disease.  Did you know that the most significant trigger for Parkinson’s disease is advancing age?  Also that men are more susceptible than women for Parkinson’s?  Strangely enough smoking and caffeine consumption actually reduce the rates of Parkinson’s.  That is no reason to start smoking but it is an interesting fact.  You will read more interesting facts in our 3 articles about this disease.

Are you retired and want to earn extra money?  Maybe you are still working but need to supplement your income.  Working from home may be the answer for you, but there are a lot of scams out there that promise lots more money than you will actually earn.  Our writer Myra Faye Turner has written an article for us about online work from home scams.  If you are like me and consider a nap in the middle of day to be a real luxury, Kitt Walsh’s article about no-guilt napping will be of interest.  Summer is coming and Mary Jane Horton has written an article for us about biking and walking vacations you can take.  These type of vacations are great for getting exercise and seeing some beautiful locations.

Our man in fashion, Christian Freedom, has been attending lots of fashion talks with models and designers who are over 50.  They include Iman, Diane Von Furstenberg and Cindy Crawford.  We will feature his write ups on some of these talks during May.

In addition to these articles we will feature information on health, looking your best, exercise and observations from our regular contributors Jill Matlow and Lorraine Duffy Merkl.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I will rerun an article my brother Don wrote about the books my mother had in her library. She was a voracious reader and tried to instill love of the written word in my brothers and I.  A great gift for us all.

Until next time!


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