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Note From The Publisher

Note From The Publisher
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July is going to be a good month in our online magazine.  A while ago we ran a couple of articles by Steve Nubie about finances that seem to hit a nerve with people.  Especially one about surviving just above the poverty line, Because of this we decided to explore more financial topics.  We are featuring articles about bankruptcy, the downside of home equity loans and financial aid that people might not be aware of.

Have you ever used to consignment shops to sell clothes you no longer want?  I have and it is great to get money for things you were going to get rid of anyway.  Consignment shops have gone online and upscale and are very easy to shop with.  Kitt Walsh has written an article about the best online consignment sites that I think you will be interested in.

Have you heard of a ‘gap year’ that high school graduates take before going to college?  Malia Obama just recently announced she was doing this.  Well now it’s becoming increasingly popular for adults to take a gap year also. Of course, these breaks occur when adults are already fully immersed in the workforce, as opposed to just starting out. Our writer Myra Faye Turner has written about this for Fifty.

If you have ever been to San Francisco on vacation, you might think you know everything about the city  Well after reading Mary Jane Horton’s travel article about San Francisco, you will definitely be able to say that.

We will also be featuring articles on how dancing does a body good, wearable security and fake apologies (a pet peeve of our writer Kathleen Heins).  These are in addition to our regular columns by Jill Matlow, Lorraine Duffy Merkl and our newest contributor, Lisa Copeland who writes about the wacky world of dating in middle age.

Enjoy the 4th! Until next month!


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