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Note From The Publisher

Note From The Publisher
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Happy December Everyone!  The end of the year is upon us even though it seems like we just celebrated new years!  When I was a kid, it seemed to take such a long time for Christmas to come; now, the year seems to fly by.  Do you feel that way too? What a year it’s been, especially with the election and everything else that has been going on.  2016 is one for the ages.

We have some interesting articles coming up in our online magazine in December.  With the holidays upon us, we will be featuring articles about related topics.   Steve Nubie has written some advice about how not to gain weight during the holiday season.  He has a bit of different spin on his advice since he gears it toward what a host or cook can do to help family and friends not gain weight at the meal or party they are planning.  Myra Faye Turner has written an article about Kwanzaa.  We have all heard of Kwanzaa but probably don’t know that much about the principles behind it.  Myra’s article should give us a better understanding. The Winter Solstice, on December 22 this year, has had significance for cultures around the world and has led to celebrations like Yuletide, Christmas, Yalda Night and Saturnalia. If some of those events sound obscure to you, you will understand more about them after reading our article. Unfortunately during the holiday season robocalls seem to rev up a bit and become even more annoying than usual.  These calls have a bunch of different scams and we have identified a few so you don’t fall for them.  We will also share a few ideas to lessen the amount of these calls you get.

Are you looking for a different way to keep fit?  How about trying the Tango? It turns out that dancing is one of the activities that can fight arthritis, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s, according to the National Institute of Aging, and tango is the best style for those of us over 50. Kitt Walsh has written an article about the Tango and the benefits you can get from learning the dance.

I’m from northern New York and many people I knew growing up hunted. Deer are often the game of choice this time of year. Most hunters have ideas about how to cook venison but may be missing a few recipes. We will feature an article with ideas of how to cook the meat if it is something you like.

Have you read about women who have made the decision not to have reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy? This has been called ‘going flat’ and it is increasingly the choice of women because breast reconstruction brings with it the risk of infection, ongoing pain and discomfort.  We have an article about this and some of the pros and cons.

All these articles are in addition to ones from our regular columnists Lorraine Duffy Merkl, Jill Matlow and our over 50 dating coach, Lisa Copeland.

Even though we don’t have to be politically correct anymore, at least according to our new president-elect Donald Trump, I’m still going to wish you all Happy Holidays.  I’ve always thought saying that was more inclusive and recognized that we don’t all celebrate the same holiday.  No matter which holiday we celebrate this month, however, I’m sure we do all share the desire that those we love have peace and happiness in the coming year.  After all, that is the most important thing, isn’t it?

Until 2017




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