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Note From The Publisher

Note From The Publisher
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Hi Everyone, well February seemed like a pretty short month didn’t it? I would really like it if every February was as warm is this one was. There were a couple days in February that NYC got well into the 60s for the temperature.  My kind of winter!  Who says the global warming is a hoax?!  I heard Al Roker say this morning that March 1 marks the end of winter for meteorologists.  If it were only true!

We have some interesting articles coming up this month in our online magazine.  In March, most people will be scrambling to do their taxes so we are going to feature an article about the do-it-yourself tax software that people are using.  We will review the different programs based on experience and write-ups on Amazon.  Hopefully this will be helpful if you want to save money on an accountant.

Have you had to downsize from a big house to a condo or apartment?  You have the house to raise your kids etc. and then one day they are gone and you are sitting in a big 3 or 4 bedroom house wondering why you are still there. We will have an article to help people understand how to make that tough transition from home to the next step. How to downsize a lifetime of possessions and find the place that’s right for you.  I’m sure many people our age have gone or are going through this.

So do you believe that honesty is the best policy?  Sometimes a little white lie is a good thing?  When is it good to be brutally honest with someone? People feel differently about this topic and our writer Jill Matlow will examine this in her article for this month.  What do you think?

The last topic we are covering this month is a little sensitive but I think should be discussed out in the open more.  We are going to feature two articles on vaginal atrophy.  It’s funny (actually not so), many of my friends have started to talk about the extreme dryness and resulting pain they feel when they attempt to have sex.  It seems to come on all of a sudden!  One day you are enjoying the experience and the next, you are in pain when it happens!  I’m sure many middle aged women can identify with what I’m talking about.  This problem affects women’s enjoyment of sex and changes the dynamic among couples.  There are treatments for it though and our writer Kitt Walsh will be discussing them in a 2 part series.

All of these topics are in addition to our regular columns from Lorraine Duffy Merkl and dating advice from Lisa Copeland. I might also throw in a What’s Bugging Me since there is a lot that is lately.

Until next month!


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