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Note From The Publisher

Note From The Publisher
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Well it finally looks like the weather is about to turn warmer.  March certainly went out like a lion!  I think it was the coldest month of the winter in NYC and I am so over the cold weather.  I want sandal and sleeveless weather!  How about you?

We have a winner for our ‘Going In Style’ Visa gift card giveaway.  The Visa gift card was provided by Warner Bros. pictures.  Thanks to everyone who entered.  The winner of the drawing was Elena Istomina.  ‘Going In Style’ opens this coming weekend so check it out.  I love the three stars of it and the movie looks like a lot of fun.  It’s nice to see older actors as move leads so it is good to support them and their films.

We have some interesting articles coming up in our online magazine this month. Climate change and saving the earth are pretty big topics these days, especially in light of how our president seems to be rolling back regulations put in place to help the environment.   Earth Day is April 22 and I remember the very first earth day.  I think I was in Junior High school and we walked around all day picking up the trash.  Steve Nubie has written an article about the day and easy changes you can make to help save the Earth; also some organizations to join to get involved.  We also will feature info on how you can go green.  You can start living green by thinking in terms of the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The article will provide some tips for sustainable living that covers each category.

Spring is a great time for planting your garden and we will give you some tips on what you need to do in April so that you get great flowers in May.  I’m not much of a gardener myself (hence the one struggling plant in my apartment) but I just love seeing a lawn covered with beautiful flowers.  Don’t you?

One of the unfortunate occurrences as we age is that many people lose mobility for various reasons such as illness or the affects of old injuries.  Our writer Stephanie Schroeder has written an article about how to cope with this if it happens to you.

Have you noticed that people are always saying they are sorry these days?  Sometimes this is just a reflex statement when they actually aren’t sorry about what they’ve done at all.  Our writer Jill Matlow has noticed this and has written one of her humorous articles about this phenomenon.

Spring starts the part of the year when people travel a lot.  Myra Faye Turner has written an article for us about unusual hotel accommodations.  There are many quirky places to spend a night or two.  They are scattered throughout the country and Mrya has information about six of these places in her article.

All these topics are in addition to our regular columns by Lorraine Duffy Merkl.

Enjoy the better weather!

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