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Note From The Publisher

Note From The Publisher
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It’s May 1 and have you noticed that the weather is a little bizarre lately?  It was over 80 degrees in NYC on Friday and now it’s in the 60s.  Very strange.  80 in April is a little too hot, too soon for me.  It was nice not wearing any coat though!  Well our magazine is back online!!  For those of you who tried to access Fifty this weekend, you probably got an error message.  Our apologies for that.  We had an issue on the backend of our site that needed to be resolved, which it now has been.

We have some interesting articles in our magazine this month.  Most of my women friends have gone through or are going through menopause with all the accompanying symptoms.  Apparently men go through a mid-life change also.  You could probably call it ‘manopause.’  Anyway, our writer Myra Faye Turner has written an article about what men do go through.  The change might be a little more subtle than what women go through but it definitely happens.

Have any of your friends had trouble with their eyes as they age?  I have had a couple of friends who have had detached retinas.  Retinal tears or detachments are more common that you think, especially as you get older.  Steve Nubie writes about the symptoms, the diagnosis and treatments for this condition.

Crowdfunding has become much more common these days.  As people try to start businesses or collect money for different situations, they turn to sites like Go Fund Me and Kickstarter.  We have an article on this and the criteria you need to follow to utilize them.

For most of my life I have had short hair.  I find it convenient and since I’ve never been very talented with hairstyles it has suited me.  A lot of people grow it and then cut it and there are a lot of opinions out there about what looks best on people, especially women.  Our writer Jill Matlow has experienced the long and the short of it as far as her hair goes and she has written one of her humorous observational articles about the subject.

Did you know that several vegetables can be regrown from table scraps?  I certainly had no idea about this since 1) I don’t garden and 2) I don’t cook.  For those that do, this will be pretty interesting to learn about.  You can regrow these vegetables right in your kitchen or on your patio.  Very easy and inexpensive.  Who knew?

All these topics are in addition to our regular columns from Lorraine Duffy Merkl.  We also have dating advice from a new dating counselor, Sue Su.  Always good advice to get!

Have a great month!

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