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Note From the Publisher

Note From the Publisher
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Hi Everyone and Happy June!  It seems the phrase April showers bring May flowers has stretched beyond that month.  It has been raining for 2 weeks straight here in NYC.  I know that’s probably an exaggeration but it seems that way.  Hopefully the days will brighten up soon because it’s getting a little depressing!

We have some good information coming up in our online magazine this month.  We have all heard and read a lot about Healthcare in the last few months.  Republicans are determined to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and what they have come out with in the House of Representatives (Trumpcare) could have some major effects on people our age.  Our writer Steve Nubie has looked into this and written an article summarizing the major points.

If you watched Taxi back in the day, you will remember Marilu Henner.  Marilu was asked by immunotherapy manufacturer, Genentech, to act as a spokesperson for their cause because of her unique experience.  Her husband was diagnosed with bladder and lung cancer soon after she met him and she helped him battle through it.  He is in remission now and she has become an advocate for early detection and encouraging caretakers to nag their loved ones into getting checked when symptoms come up.  Kitt Walsh talked to her for the article.  Speaking of symptoms, another one of our health articles this month describes 5 steps you can take to avoid prostate cancer.  Many men our age develop this type of cancer but there are things you can do to avoid it.

Sometimes as we age, people lose mobility.  We are featuring an article this month by our writer Stephanie Schroeder about coping with the loss of mobility.  I’m sure many people can identify with this so hopefully this article will give some insight into the difficulties of this and how you can move forward.

Looking for a job is difficult any time of the year, especially when you are over 50.  I’ve heard that summer is a difficult time to get hired because many people making the hiring decisions are on vacation and companies slow down in the summer.  Are these myths the actual reality?  We are featuring an article about whether finding a job in the summer is truly that difficult and, if so, when the best time of year for a job search is.

Are you taking a trip this summer with some of the younger members of your family?  Today’s young people are looking for exciting adventures and so are today’s older adults. Luckily, there are exciting options to satisfy everyone. Our writer Myra Faye Turner has looked into some of these and tells us about four really good options for trips that she has found.

All these articles are in addition to pieces by our columnists Lorraine Duffy Merkl and Jill Matlow.  I might also get revved up about something and write a What’s Bugging Me for the month.

Have a great June….until next month!



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