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Note From the Publisher

Note From the Publisher
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This year is flying by so I thought it was a good time to let you know about some of the articles and information we will be featuring on the site in the next couple of months.

November is National Family Caregivers month.  Since our age group is very familiar with caregiving, be it parents, children or others, we are running several articles this week on information and different aspects of the subject.  One of our articles concerns taking care of disabled siblings after parents either are unable to or have passed away.  We hear a lot about care taking for parents and children; however, not much about this aspect of it which I’m sure it is more common than people think.  Another article features information and tips on building a caregiving team.  I hope the information we provide on the subject will be helpful to our readers.

The holidays are almost here and we are looking for your favorite Thanksgiving recipes.  If you send them in we would like to put them up on our site.  Send anything you have to  Since I don’t cook and don’t have any of my own recipes, I’m looking forward to seeing what we get!  Who knows, maybe one of them will inspire me to turn on my stove.  November is also World Vegan Month so we will be publishing some vegan recipes.  You will also see articles on makeup and fashions for the holidays, preventing weight gain during the holidays and family holiday celebrations.  These are in addition to our usual movie reviews, health articles, music and technology info and, of course, advice from our honorary doctor and life coach, Dr. Stanwix.  If you have a question for him, please feel free to write him at

I always welcome comments or questions from our readers.  I’m also interested in what you would like to see in our online magazine in 2015.  Please feel free to write me at with any suggestions or comments.

Have a great week.



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