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People of Fashion – Cindy Crawford

People of Fashion – Cindy Crawford
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Cindy Crawford gave an interview, also to Fern Mallis, while promoting her new book “Becoming”. This tome is a retrospective of her modeling career with all her favorite photographs in it. She decided to do this as her 50th birthday was approaching and she realized that her modeling days were numbered. The book was her way of capping off her career and celebrating all the amazing people she has worked with throughout her career.

She spoke first about growing up in a small town in Illinois, and how she would spend the summers working with her friends on the corn harvest. She was very enterprising and always got jobs to earn extra money. When her younger brother died tragically of leukemia , she and her sisters had survivors guilt and strove to be “good” children so as not to upset their parents further. She focused on excelling at school and was actually considered the smart sister and not the pretty one.

She began modeling as a teenager, doing catalogue and low level work, often times with her face cropped out! When she moved to Chicago ,after passing on a college scholarship and met fashion photographer Victor Grabinski, her career took off. He began booking her a lot and trained her in the ways of a professional model. They had a huge falling out over a shoot she’d been offered in Egypt, so she decided to give NYC a try, as she knew he would blacklist her in the Midwest. After making the move she quickly joined the ranks of super models and became the muse of Herb Ritts. she considers her first vogue cover to be the turning point in her career. After that important stamp of approval, all other editors, designers and photographers wanted to work with her.

She generally pursued beauty contracts as she realized that was where you could make a lot of money quickly. Understanding that the modeling world was youth obsessed , she tried to capitalize on her fame and expose herself to a wider audience by doing film, television and even posing for Playboy. Her time on MTV’s “House of Style” allowed her to interact with the camera in a different way and reach people outside the fashion business. She spoke briefly about her four year marriage to Richard Gere and credits him with showing her how to adjust to fame with grace and ease. After they divorced she went on to date and marry entrepreneur Rande Gerber with whom she has two children. In spite of raising them in a beach community in California, both children have the modeling bug and have even been shot by Bruce Weber.

Her days now are spent with her family,friends and working on her successful skin care line and a wide range of endorsements.

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