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Billy Crystal and Others Discuss Personal Happiness

Billy Crystal and Others Discuss Personal Happiness
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By Susan Hornik

What does it take to be happy? This is the age old question, but an increasingly important one to consider after age 50!’s Susan Hornik interviewed celebrities who have done a magnificent job in keeping a youthful appearance–despite what age is on their birth certificate! Beyond the usual cosmetic products, and constant quest to be youthful, one thing is clear—personal happiness is what really makes celebrities feel good.

* Edie Falco, who stars on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie” (which sadly, is ending this season) considers herself a “flexible, go with the flow” gal. “I’m a really boring person. I didn’t use to be but I am now! I have two beautiful children and if I can just hang out with my kids and watch Nickelodeon and order in a pizza, I am happy. Even for awards shows, it used to be that I would go to a spa and get a massage, but nowadays, with the kids are running around, I was running around, I realized I didn’t even need that to feel good!”

* Even with an Oscar nominated film (“Boyhood”), a new Golden Globe, and a new television show, Patricia Arquette (CBS spinoff, “CSI: Cyber,” which premieres March 4th) prefers to live a quiet life. “I am a low-tech person; with the new show, I will probably get even more low tech. I have a vegetable garden, I enjoy gardening. I take my daughter to the sports she participates in. That makes me happy.”

* British actress/model  Elizabeth Hurley, who is turning 50 this year, has a new saucy television drama for E! called “The Royals” where she will play the Queen of England! “With my son, who is 13, I am a busy, working mother. I try to look after myself. I have tried a lot of products at my finger tips and I have used a lot of them! It’s an upward struggle to look and feel good always as you know!”

* Ted Danson’s lovely wife, Mary Steenburgen (who is on FX’s last season of “Justified”) has had an illustrious career, which has kept her fulfilled. “You have to be brave and try new things. You can’t be afraid to fall on your face. I never wanted to be one of those people who priced myself out of interesting jobs, which is why I like doing little indie movies. I’m  about to do two in the next few months. To do things that make my heart beater faster and scare me a little bit is wonderful. In general, with everything in life I like to do that. Some people like to drive race cars, I don’t do that but I do do things creatively that scare me.”

* Billy Crystal, who is returning to series television with his new show, “The Comedians” on FX, also cited working with his passion for comedy as the recipe to feeling good. “At this point in my career, it’s a blessing to have this show, because it reinforces and reinvigorates everything that I started out doing and have loved to do my entire career. I get a chance to do it again now with these kind of people. (ie cast and crew) It was easy to say why. The thing to say is, ‘Why not?’”

“The Comedians” is a behind the scenes satirical look at a veteran comedian (Crystal) paired with a younger up-and-comer (co star, Josh Gad) for a late-night sketch comedy show. Based on a popular Swedish series, Crystal heard about the concept and decided to write and executive produce the series for a U.S. audience.

“I love what I am doing,” said Crystal. “These past few years have been some of the best in my career. I have been as busy as ever. between Broadway, my book was a best seller, this new show and Monsters U  it’s been hot like crazy…I am just very blessed.”

* If you are an Olympic Gold medalist, you know that eating healthy is integral in feeling good. Which is why WNBA champion Lisa Leslie really enjoyed taking a private cooking class with chef Neena Williams. “Having the opportunity to cook in the kitchen with Neena and using Kitchen Curry Master has increased my confidence to cook Indian food and entertain my family and friends with quality food. The Kitchen Curry Master offers amazing recipes with fresh spices delivered straight from India! Delicious”!!

* “Dog Whisperer” star Cesar Milian, (who now has a new season of “Cesar 911” for Nat Geo Wild)) believes that people need to live to the fullest at any age. “If you feel like something is missing, you are not fulfilling your needs. What makes you happy in life? Are you pursuing what’s important to you? This is what’s really key in feeling good.”

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