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Rant From The Right – The Nazi Threat

Rant From The Right – The Nazi Threat
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I get disgusted when the Loony Left compares Trump to Hitler or the Republicans with Nazis. It shows a complete ignorance of history and a disrespect for humans who really did suffer beyond our comprehension. People shouldn’t mess with such a horrific totem. Especially people who throw fits when they can’t get the right dental floss.

{Woody Allan’s Annnie Hall:

Annie: I wonder if could stand up against torture.

Alvey: You? You’d tell them everything if they threatened to cut up you Bloomingdale’s card.}

I had something very disturbing happen Friday night. I felt like I was confronted by real Nazi behavior. Not the sloganeering that is going on so loudly, but the truly vicious with no limits side of humanity. As usual with humans, the real threat is not what we think.

A friend and I went to the Armory Antique Show. Very chi-chi; very high-end. I spotted a gorgeous scarf on a woman – Hermes of course – and went up to compliment her. She complimented mine and we started to chat. The elegant butt-sniffing of 2 upper East Side Ladies. A very nice conversation about the art show. Then my friend joined and more topics came up, like where our families were from and which of the antiques resonated with our histories. My friend’s family had escaped the Nazi’s in Germany, and this lady’s Grandmother fled from France. Then she said she knew the author of a new book that traced the roots of anti-Semitism.

I didn’t say it, of course, but my thought was “who needs roots?” Human beings are not “nice” – we are descendants of the guys who got the cave & they didn’t talk the other guys out of it.

{Anthony Hopkins in Westworld: “Want to know why there are no Neanderthals? Because we ate them.”}

What is Nazism, after all, but society-sanctioned hatred? In human DNA is the capacity to hate “The Other” and our tribe defines “The Other.” Once it’s OK to hate some group, humans revel in it. It’s the Jews or the Irish or the Blacks and then, sadly, we pile on. But if we want a better world, we need to chill that out.

So anyway, here we are at a lovely event, no one threatened, posing as intellectuals discussing the roots of disturbing human behavior; the lady says to my friend “you should write a book about your family’s travels.” He says “I’d need a ghost writer.” She says “you could get that what’s-her-name Trump – she looks like a ghost. And that kid – there’s something wrong with him.”

Talk about society-sanctioned hatred. The Left has reached a point that trashing a 10 year old boy is considered bonding behavior.

You want a single-payer system? I don’t. That’s a discussion.

Restrictions on third-trimester abortions? That’s a conversation.

Corporate tax rates at 35% or 17%, well, that’s a negotiation.

Trashing a child, that’s unacceptable.

I said “NO! There is nothing wrong with that kid!” And turned my back and walked away. Fled actually.


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