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Reaching My Goal Weight

Reaching My Goal Weight
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It’s me again, the Late Bloomer. At the age when we are told it is almost impossible to loose weight, I’ve lost 35 pounds. At 65, I weigh less than I did at 18.

And, having done it, I agree with all the people doing the telling – it is almost impossible to do. I think for most people it is impossible.

I’ve read, in scientific journals, discussions and theories about what it took for intelligent life to evolve on earth. How many millennia, at each phase, in a sweet spot between asteroids, volcanoes, sun spots, ice ages, and global warming. Exactly how much water and how much oxygen had to be present. The precise levels of radiation. I’m convinced we are not possible.

This is a list {not in any particular order} of all the circumstances that had to be present for my weight loss to occur:

  • I am in perfect health
  • My husband is in perfect health
  • I have a husband {translation – I am not looking for a boy friend}
  • My mother is in perfect health
  • My cat is in perfect health
  • I don’t have children
  • I love my job {translation – I am not looking for work}
  • I have a great apartment {translation – I am not looking for an apartment}
  • There is a gym in my apartment building
  • There is a gym – with a gorgeous pool – in my office building
  • I am 3 blocks from Fairway
  • My commute is 12 minutes from living room sofa to my cubicle chair {translation – I have 1 to 4 more hours in every day than the normal working person}

Truly, I am blessed. The upshot of all these blessings is that I can – within reason – control my time, my stress, my sleep, my exercise and my eating. If you can’t do that, you can’t lose weight. If you can control all of that, losing weight is merely hard.

At least in evolution, if one species doesn’t make it, another will. {I understand, for further evolution, the big money is on Cephalopods.} Burning a fat cell is harder because you are working only with your finite set. If something is not precisely correct that day, no burn.

It has taken me 11 months to lose 35 pounds because for weeks on end there was no loss at all. If there is a “secret” to weight loss, it is not anything advertised on TV. It is remembering you are trying to create a complex bio-chemical reaction and if any of the required factors are off by even the tiniest bit – the reaction will not happen.

Another part of the “secret” to weight loss is knowing that you are being lied to constantly. “Inside every fat person there is a thin person waiting to come out” LIE! Inside every fat person is a huge fat store trying to keep itself inflated. It will grab calories before it allows those calories to be used for energy. I have ‘tricked’ mine by doing aerobic exercise for more than an hour in the morning before breakfast and getting my heart rate up over what the charts call “fat burning.” This little bio-chemical trick seems to get the fat to convert to energy because there is nothing else there. If I do the same workout after breakfast, I don’t get the same results.

While we are on that subject, for those who are taking notes, I’ve knocked myself out on a track or in a spin class, limped home with my knees screaming and had no result because I did not get enough sleep the night before and my heart rate would not climb.

Remember: complex bio-chemical reaction.

Did I mention that I stop eating at 4pm? After 4pm I drink only water, or its close cousin, vodka. So when I say “before breakfast” I am truly in a fasting state. This is an important trick. The 16 hour fast. It also helps if you have had a real meal. Fast for 16 hours afterwards, you can lessen the weight gain.

Another big lie: “You can eat this” – NO YOU CAN’T!! I constantly feel assaulted by food and food purveyors. In Penn Station, the smell of popcorn, and Subway Sandwich hot baking rolls can make me faint. TV commercials never let up. The checkout line in TJ Maxx snakes by shelves and shelves of cookies and chips and bars. BTW – they almost all say something like :

  • Skinny
  • Natural
  • No Fat
  • No Sugar
  • Low Carb
  • Diet

All lies. Well, maybe to the FDA the packaging is ok, but in real life, you can’t eat any of that stuff – ever.

You know what I eat? Broccoli. I eat broccoli and broccoli and broccoli and fish and broccoli and for a change, Brussels sprouts, and then more broccoli.


I’ll tell you a quick funny story. I was having cocktails with a friend who is a big time fashion designer. I was moaning about being fat and I said “I should just live on fish and broccoli like the models.” His eyes bugged out. “Fish and broccoli? Fish and broccoli? Those anorexic, bulimic, cocaine snorting, heroin shooting LIARS! Fish and broccoli, my ass.”

OK – still it was a good hint. Only it is: broccoli and broccoli and broccoli and a little fish.

There are a couple more sad truths I would like to tell you.

If you were raised in America, you eat too much. We can live on a lot less than we are used to.

And finally, the worse news for women or our age. I have not been rewarded with a beautiful body- even if it does get into a size 8. My breasts have deflated and drooped like old dugs. I have turkey neck skin hanging off of my arms, thighs and belly. When I do an inversion in exercise class, empty wads of flesh fall from my knees to my face. Being thinner has made my body look older.

Still, as the saying goes, I wouldn’t change it for a pot of gold. I am so happy to be a thin woman. Someone who just met me said “oh, well you’re skinny, so you don’t know what it’s like to …” I didn’t hear anything after “skinny.”

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