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Romance after 50: Finding Love on Mexico’s Baja Sur

Romance after 50: Finding Love on Mexico’s Baja Sur
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By Susan Hornik

At any age, finding love again can be beautiful! If you are one of the lucky people who  managed to find someone who adores you and makes you feel good each day, maybe it’s time to take them for a romantic vacation! And whether you are looking for a quick romantic getaway, a honeymoon location, a beachfront wedding or re-commitment ceremony to commemorate a milestone moment, a luxurious hotel like Villa Del Palmar may be the place for you.

“Villa del Palmar provides a picturesque backdrop for reconnecting with your significant other in a postcard-worthy romantic setting,” said Sixto Navarro, General Manager. The hotel, located on the Mexican island of Loreto, in Baja California Sur, offers an intimate romantic dinner from the comfort of the couple’s balcony.

The Islands of Loreto, located on the east coast of the Baja California Peninsula on the Sea of Cortez, is known for its quiet beaches, scenic vistas, rich history and astounding natural habitats. The region caters to adventurous couples looking to explore the many outdoor opportunities in addition to scuba diving, including snorkeling, hiking, and mountain biking, as well as people looking for a getaway where they can enjoy the beauty and authentic culture of the region without the commotion of heavily-trafficked Mexican destinations. The destination is fast becoming an alternative for travelers looking for a slower pace with all the options and amenities they have come to expect from a vacation in Mexico.

“In addition to setting the mood for romance with rose petals, heart-shaped designs on the beds and a romantic jacuzzi drawn for two in our suites, the resort also offers private dinners by the glow of our fire pits, overlooking the glittering waters of the Sea of Cortez and Danzante Bay,” Navarro noted.

The hotel also offers a variety of ways for a couple to relax together, due to their impressive 39,000 square foot spa. “We have many options for romance; we can offer the most simple of scenarios with a nice couples massage in a common suite to a full paradise package,” said spa director Claudine Riemer.

“The experience begins with a full body exfoliation, followed by a relaxing full body massage, and mini facial, then a couples’ jacuzzi with different aromas and essential oils, accompanied by a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries,” Riemer enthused.

Riemer offered readers unique ways to create romantic bliss and the spa experience in your own home.  “A home spa can be created—it’s truly the ambiance that makes the difference. You can have nice scented candles, a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, and soft music of your choice. Aromatherapy also plays a large role; we use citric smells for increasing happiness, and lavender or sandalwood for relaxation…It’s really about using a scent that you and your partner truly enjoy!”

Riemer’s tip: “Invest in a good body oil, and give each other massages!”

Guests can also take one of six new clear-bottom kayaks for a spin around Danzante Bay, while enjoying an up-close view of what’s happening under the indigo waters of the Sea of Cortez, which legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau aptly named “The Aquarium of the World,” because it serves as home to thousands of reef-dwelling and migratory fish, soft corals, mollusks, mother-of-pearl, starfish, sea urchins, whales, dolphins, sea lions and other marine life.

This lush underwater playground is a United Nation’s World Heritage Site, which has been protected as a National Marine Park since June 2000, offering romantic adventurers a world-class view of pufferfish, stingray, coral and more, while kayaking around the majestic “front-yard” of Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto.

“Our new clear-bottom kayaks are something unique we can offer our couples to help make their adventures at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto even more memorable,” said Owen Perry, owner and president, Villa Group.

The hotel’s all-inclusive Honeymoon Package includes a four-night, five-day stay in the resort’s Danzante Bungalow, an 800 square-foot private luxury tent with a King-sized bed, living room, full bathroom, shower, Jacuzzi, LCD television, air conditioning, private patio and more, topped with a beachfront ocean view.

A stay in the nearby bungalow features peaceful views of the Sea of Cortez and surrounding islands at its doorstep, is the ideal setting for romance and re-connection. Couples can gaze up at the million-star sky, while basking in the moonlight, all from the comfort of their private bungalow. A special surprise amenity is also included in the stay.

A two-hour sunset tour of Danzante Island aboard a private boat is also included, allowing couples to soak up the enchanting natural beauty of the surrounding islands while enjoying a selection of cheese and wine. A photo session is included so couples can take the memories home with them.

Morgana Rae, president of Charmed Life Coaching, and her veteran travel journalist/husband Devin Galaudet, recently renewed their vows at the hotel.

“Marrying at the resort was extraordinary,” said Rae.” I think any couple would be ecstatic to have a wedding like that, it was all a supremely romantic and satisfying experience!”

Rae believes that if you are single and looking for love after 50, it’s even more important to give up the cynicism and sadness you have around past dating experiences.

“The REAL challenge human beings have in romance is that we all want to be loved unconditionally, but none of us wants to love unconditionally. We approach love from the perspective of what we want, not what we give. I think that’s the number one reason most people are single or unhappy in love. Your job, if you truly want to create romance and be attractive to a partner, is to really examine how you could make somebody else happy…how you would enhance your partner’s life.”

Rae believes the first step is to recognize the advantages of dating after 50. “We know ourselves better. We don’t have the time or patience to make (or repeat) some of those foolish choices that are best made in our 20’s and 30s. “The people we date also have matured–they’ve had their hearts broken, too. They’ve learned the tough lessons and tend to be more relationship ready. And we can quickly assess what kind of relationship partner they’d be by how they take care of their children (if they have have them) and/or how they speak about their exes.  Finding a quality, relationship-ready partner was never this easy in our 20s. Make a decision to believe this, and this will be your experience.”

She continued: “Creating romance after 50 really begins with us. We need to do the work on ourselves to be relationship ready.  This involves taking a look at our attitudes and beliefs about love, dating, age, and the opposite sex.  We’re not looking for partners who want to date what we’re not (younger/thinner etc.).”

Rae recommends being open. “There are a lot of great men who actually prefer older women. They like our bodies, our confidence, and our life experience. Love who you are and take care of what you have, and stop making age and the wrong men an excuse for your single-hood! Tune out any one who tells you otherwise!”

Rae offered two paradigms that will make dating and relationship far less traumatic:  “99.9999 percent of your dates and relationships are supposed to end in ‘failure.’  That is the default. That is the norm. For EVERYBODY. You’re not here to fall in love and marry the 7 billion people on the planet. Which means that almost 7 billion people are wrong for you. They are not your partner.

“When you do find your right partner, he/she will drive you CRAZY!  All those issues you thought you had resolved? Surprise! They’re ALL going to come up for and hit you in the face… for your healing and evolution. Your life partner will bring up your best and your worst. That’s their job. It’s supposed to be this way. As my husband Devin likes to say, you choose the person you want to work out your crap with. Cause if you don’t work your stuff out with this person, you’ll still have to work it out with the next partner. And if you pick the right partner, and you stay loving and committed when you want to kill that person, you will grow closer and better.”

Rae’s other tips:

1) Work on your own beliefs and attitude about your age, your body, yourself, and love.

2) Get help from a pro. Hire a dating coach.

3) Sort quickly. Take nothing personally. Especially on first dates.

4) Ship your bitterness to Siberia. Relationship failure is normal. That’s the default. Keep moving forward.

5) Learn how to be a better relationship partner to attract a better relationship partner.

6) Get married again and again… to the same person.

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto is offering a special rate specifically for readers– $119 USD per night in a Deluxe Studio suite, plus taxes and gratuities. The rate for this time normally is $184 USD per night, plus taxes. Guests can book now until December 11, 2015, for travel until December 17, 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

Guests can reference the code FAMJUN15 when they book a reservation through

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