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Romantic Day Trips for You and Your Other

Keeping romance alive
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If you are feeling like you and your super-special someone have gotten into a rut as of late, why not take a romantic day trip together? There are plenty of options that will help re-ignite that spark and have you eyeing each other like you did when you first met.

The Beach

If you live anywhere near a coastline, whatever coastline it may be, consider a day trip to the beach. While it may not be the most original of ideas, walking along the shore in the early morning or late evening when no one else is around is ridiculously romantic. Pack a picnic lunch and eat on the beach or find a romantic restaurant nearby. The salt air, the sand and surf, and (hopefully) the gentle breeze will take you to more romantic state of mind.


Live near or reasonably near a natural cave park, such as Crystal Cave in Pennsylvania , Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, or Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky? Explore a cave park together and feel close as you clutch your partner while walking through any “creepy” areas. Natural wonders are always romantic as they blend history and beauty, and will leave you better connected to nature and each other. Find a cave park near you that piques your interest, such as one that features lots of surrounding wildlife or gold/precious gem “mining” opportunities.

Stock Car Racing

This may not seem like the most romantic thing on the planet at first. However, a day speeding around in stock cars gets the heart pumping and the adrenaline going, which can often lead to one or more throw-downs later that evening. After all, who hasn’t gotten busy after a day filled with adrenaline rushes?

Natural Springs/Day Spas

What is more romantic than spending an afternoon in a natural hot spring with the one you adore? The water, the steam, the surrounding natural beauty … it’s hard not to fall in love all over again in such a setting! Day spas are also an option–look for one with couples’ massages or cold and hot pools. Running from pool to pool together is certain to breed romance!

Theme Park

Bond over your mutual love and fear of assorted rides at your favorite theme park. Hold hands on high-octane rides and gaze into each other’s souls while on slower, “Tunnel of Love”-esque options. You’ll laugh, you might cry a little, and you’ll certainly have a great time. Again, the resulting adrenaline will definitely help set the mood for later on!

Blues and Jazz Clubs

Indulge yourselves by enjoying an afternoon-into-evening of smokey blues and jazz goodness. Such dimly-lit clubs provide a perfect night of romance you’ll be thinking about for weeks to come. Listening to great music all night can also be a wonderful aphrodisiac. Book a stay at a nearby hotel if you decide to have a drink or two.

Botanical Gardens

If you both love everything related to nature and flowers, an afternoon exploring a nearby botanical garden is sure to please. Wander the place together, spending a few moments here and there at assorted romantic spots, such as those in a rose garden or by a babbling brook. Heck, you might even get some ideas for your own gardens while you’re at it!

Enjoy these and other romantic day trip ideas with your partner and remember why you love each other so much!

Kent Page McGroarty is a freelance writer whose work frequently appears in the SF Gate Home and Garden and AZ Central Healthy Living.



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