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Skin Care Canvas – by Dustin Lujan

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Lately I have seen a lot of women looking for the solution to perfect skin through make up tips and secrets. The best trick I can give you is to take care of your skin!  Just like an artist, we need the best possible canvas to prepare for our art which is our face and skin! Yes, I know that make up is fun and we can do a lot of things through color, but remember what your mother used to say, “eat your vegetables before dessert.”  This is a statement that we have learned is true now that we are older and it is definitely true for your skin as well.

I always use some helpful tips when referring to skin. Think of the under eye as tissue paper, the face as notebook paper and the body as card board.  I know this sounds funny, but under your eye is the thinnest layer of skin we have on our body and there are no bones under this area of skin.  This area needs an eye cream and a lot more moisture than the rest of our body.  Always make sure that your eye cream contains moisturizing elements. I know this sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many eye creams etc. contain just treatment and no moisturizer.  If you are using something that you love or that your dermatologist recommended, try just putting a simple Vitamin E gel over the top of your treatment at night.  This will ensure both treatment and moisture and your eyes will be ready for your favorite concealer in the morning!

Next is the face.  What is good for the face should not go under your eye.  Facial moisturizers are made for that specific area.  What we need to remember is that no matter how oily you are, you can still get surface dehydration.  A good way to test to see if you have this problem is to hold your finger on the cheek and lift.  If you have little wrinkles when you do this, you need to up your hydration.  I always recommend staying away from skincare that contains a lot of silicon, mineral oil and fragrance.  A little will not hurt you, but a lot of silicone can make you even more dry by sealing off the pores and not letting your healthy sebum through.  Fragrance usually contains alcohol which could add to the surface dehydration in the skin and mineral oil can cause irritation.  There are many more categories in face we can go through like serums booster creams etc., but find your perfect moisturizer and then build onto your targeted areas.  By doing this you will have a great skin texture and as a result you can solve just about any problem with your foundation and concealer.

Now lets talk about body.  What works for your body is never right for your face.  Our body is a bit more resilient and can handle a lot more than our face. The skin on the body is thicker and a bit more course. Our body can handle heavy agents and fragrance that we all love to adorn our body’s with.  In this category we can be more relaxed and have a bit of fun or use more cost effective products.

Lastly remember to take care of your hands. You can always tell a woman’s age by her hands and under eyes.  By using these simple tips you are ready to conceal and hide any flaw and your cosmetic products will do what you want them to do!  Remember to take care of your skin ladies!

XOXO, Dustin Lujan
Makeup Artist, Dustin Lujan brings more than a decade of knowledge and expertise to  His unique talents not only combine exquisite artistry, but also an exceptional ability to communicate the craft, quality and design in the art of makeup. Dustin illustrated his talent in the fine arts, when at the age of fifteen, he hosted his first private showing.  Enthusiastic and brimming with creativity, he was soon recruited to work with the Miss America and Miss Teen America pageants, where he honed his craft and mastered the challenge of creating flawless beauty on the unforgiving hi-def television.  Now, as a National Artist at Le Métier de Beauté make-up line, Dustin travels the globe, communicating the essence of the brand through his skills and artistic presence.   His editorial work and knowledge have graced the pages of beauty and fashion’s top glossy publications, from InStyle to More magazine, from regional press to widely read blogs. Dustin’s work has also brought him from the runways to film with backstage work at Versace and other esteemed fashion houses, in addition to music videos, advertising campaigns and television.  Dustin’s prior work in the industry, led him to such well known brands as Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown and Stila where he adapted his skills to brands’ core values.  His passion for teaching women how to highlight their best features has earned him a national reputation as an artist who can make each individual woman look her very best.  In 2012, his first book on beauty will hit the shelves bringing his talent beyond the counter and into your home.
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